Kate Middleton Cover Depicts Duchess With Rotting, Yellow Teeth

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A new magazine cover featuring Kate Middleton is causing quite a stir.

Because the Duchess rarely (okay, never) poses for magazines, they're forced to snag and edit images on their own for the celebrity gossip, etc., that they're teasing.

The New Republic has gone further than ever before, however, marring the lovely face of Kate Middleton with Photoshop and giving her rotting yellow teeth.

See the cringe-worthy image below. Why would they go there?

Kate Middleton Cover

The cover story is not about Catherine nor royals in general, but rather the decaying state of the British economy and government ... hence the metaphor.

As for why Kate Middleton, and not a figure of the actual government (or the actual monarch Queen Elizabeth II), was chosen for the cover, we can't say.

Okay, we can ... it was done because Kate, for better or worse, has become the symbolic face of the country, and so we'd discuss the image above.

Political commentary aside, that's a little rough. Follow the link for actual Kate Middleton photos, in which her smile (and everything else) looks flawless.


I do find it hilarious that people stereotype British people and their teeth this way. Yes, there are those with teeth WORSE than the photoshopped (!) picture of the Duchess, but same in the US or anywhere else in the world. It's an outdated stereotype. We do have flouride in our water in some counties now, we have a healthcare services which provides FREE dentistry so we do actually go to the dentists. I don't because I have a phobia, but my teeth are fine, they're straight and clean and a natural white, not glow in the dark bleached.

Ms billie

Lorrie you are sadly mistaken Kate does in fact have Royal bloodline therefore it makes you sound jealous not to mention stupid. It also appears you only read the negative and nothing of real importance or truth. What has she ever done to you my guess is absolutely NOTHING. Kate is a beautiful girl and deserving of everything great.


Lorrie - search online for her bloodline. She's not a commoner as the media would make everyone think. She's got royal blood. The monarch won't let their own marry outside bloodline. They are committed to keeping the bloodline pure.


Princess Diana wasnt all that beautiful,,,her nose was too big, The only thing that made her look good was that she was thin and had access to some lovely clothes,


Poor Lorrie !!!!!
So jealous simple minded fool. Hurry your village is missing there idiot. Commoner.


I love Kate as I did Diana.....both women of class. Now as for Carmela (or whatever her name is) Talk about a BORE and horse face. I can't stand her, but she and her BORING Prince are two peas in a pod. It is just too bad Diana had to suffer had the hands and stupidity of the Royal (?) family and espeically Charles. Thanks goodness Diana's two sons are more like her than Charles. Kate is indeed a princess and real.


Sue them Kate, You need the money


I'm not fond of the Duchess but this was a really stupid thing to do. Why mess with her when there are other people you can mess with, like Prince Charles or Camilla Parker? I don't like her nor her fashion sense and as much as she tries to, she doesn't have the charisma Lady D had and she never will. She's rather boring. Well, I find her boring. But come on. Her teeth are actually normal. If they had to do this stunt only to sell magazines, I can't even imagine the quality of the articles written there. Sheesh.


maybe it will be good for her to know how people w/o rich dads or other money to know how it feels to have to go around like that


FYI: They do not ave flouride in the water in England like we do here in the States. I am sure that accounts for some of the yellow teeth.


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