Kate Middleton Fashion Trend of the Week: Sheer Elegance

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Everything Kate Middleton touches turns to style gold.

After two weeks of pairing her designer dresses with sheer stockings, the fashionable Duchess of Cambridge is even making pantyhose popular again.

These aren't your '80s, egg-crate style 'hose, though. Kate's are always nude, with a hint of barely perceptible iridescence shining at the right angle.

She's also got great legs (Leggs?) ...

Kate Middleton, Red Dress
Kate Middleton in Blue

The trend has caught on in the UK, with a significant spike in nude hosiery since Kate's made them part of her dressing routine, according to the Daily Mail.

There's debate over this is really Kate Middleton's "look" or simply protocol.

An unwritten rule (there is no formal pantyhose requirement, contrary to reports) that royal ambassadors and guests dress to make the queen proud.

In short, closed-toed shoes, mid-length skirts and probably pantyhose.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, a former model and now First Lady of France, wears them. Even Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton, a de facto royal, has followed suit.

By emulating those three, you could do a lot worse fashion-wise.

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Thank You Kate! It is about time that sheer hose came back into style. I don't want to hear from the nay-sayers (like Mr. Gunn) who do not like the trend. Oh, and please wear them with your sandals. I said Please!


The woman is elegant and stylish, just plain georgous. In Blue Collar terms...."She's smokin'" Why would anyone comment on her weight unless said person was a lard butt. In this County, physical fitness has gone by the wayside. Kudos to any woman or man that takes care of themselves and makes the effort to dresss accordingly for the occassion and yes ladies....that means pantyhose. I wouldn't show up to work or a formal event without socks. My wife still wears them and they make her great legs look even better. Way to go Kate...I've got your back....so do the "real" ladies.


Kate is a lady. Thank you for wearing stockings and bring up the trend that should not be stopped....wearing stockings....not only do we look better, but .. light skinned people need some color on their legs.....also..stay out of tanning salons....and later years ...wear beautiful support thigh highs...cool and protect your legs......Go Kate!


I am glad to see some is trying to bring back pantyhose. I feel they make the outfit and give a women a sexy look. After sex in the city came out with the bare leg look alot of women world wide with nasty legs or fake tan legs thought they could throw on a skirt and look as good as the girls on the show. Bring back pantyhose.


I think she's a bit of a plain jane who has lost too much weight. She needs to put on a few kilos & cut/style her hair.
She looked so much better before the engagement.


When others will be dying because they lack food, this one will be suffering because she wants to stay thinner; what's wrong with her?? Is she waiting until William cheats on her with a socialite before she starts eating?


I love, love, love Kate's style. She is simply elegant. I hope it is not lost on our over-casual, flip-flop generation. Sometimes it's proper to dress up. :)


She used sheer because she has so many moles and spots (like elder people) on her legs. the same thing with her arms, that is why she were short sleeve a lot. She doesn't have creamy skin, she looks so old with heavy make up. Can anyone say truth about it instead of make fuzzy about every thing of royal.


i thnik her style is beautiful


She's hot!!! From top to bottom, I see nothing wrong with her.

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