Pregnant Snooki Pushes 30-Pack of Beer Around in Stroller

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Pregnant Snooki is preparing hardcore for her impending arrival.

She's quit drinking, she's cut back on partying and she's no longer tanning. She's even getting practice with a stroller ... transporting a 30-pack of Coors Light.

If there were ever a picture worth 1,000 words ...

Snooki, Stroller, Beer

Sporting hot pink shades, a big brown shirt reading BOSS and her growing baby bump, Snooki looked more or less like her usual strollin' in Seaside Heights, N.J.

The beer was (hopefully) just a joke, or for one of her Jersey Shore cohorts.

"It's different because now I'm not drinking," said the star recently. "Pregnancy made me grow up a lot." Just wait until that little horny baby is born ...

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I wonder how much $$$$ Coors Light gave this bitch to do that lol


you need to go get your own beer and snooki go get her baby stuff


I luv snook's!!!TEAM-MEATBALLS


I think maybe that beer is for jionni like who knows and i cnnot believe people are aying i hope the baby is still born and shit like thats just wrong. like tf. and i honestly think she's going to be a great mother. who is a perfect mother. theres alot worse mothers out there. so shut up and top hating. if you really think bad boutn it and dont care why you reading it. like than you have no life. the people like me that defend her like me love her. c; go snooki !


Snookie got some nookie, and now she's got a cookie bakin' in the oven. Got beer???


Caption: What snookie gets insteads of diapers,crib,pacifier,etc.


caption: Playing Peeka"boos"


i'm sexy


Oh gawd. This poor baby is doomed to therapy by the age of 5. And he's not even born yet... >.


Snooki sadly muses, "This whole pregnancy thing is really a drag....this stroller / beer cart pret-ty kick ass!!"

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