Octomom Begs Fans For California Mortgage Help

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Despite the overwhelming success of the Octomom porn video as well as her stripper gig, payday loan endorsement deal and celebrity pillow fighting showdown, Nadya Suleman's significant cash money problems are still very real.

This time, she's at least asking fans for assistance, not taxpayers.

This assumes Octomom actually has fans, but you get the idea.

Nadya Suleman a.k.a. Octomom

As you may have heard, she was unable to make the California mortgage payments on her La Habra house and it was foreclosed on last month.

With two weeks to move out, and a permanent strain on her credit report, Octomom can she doesn't have enough cash to buy a new one, either.

Especially not a place that can house 14 kids and Frankie Grageda.

What's a struggling, increasingly shameless mom to do? Set up a page on GoFundMe (dot) com, where her fans can send her money online!

Her goal? A modest $150,000 to get started. No sweat.

We strongly encourage anyone to donate. Not because it's a worthy cause or anything, but because she may bankrupt the financial calamity known as California once her brood becomes a collective ward of the state.

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Hey what about us hard workers who are struggling to support our own selves without children? HUH?! This country is a wack job itself...


How did THIS woman get
so skinny!??


I wouldn't give her a dime. I would take her children in but not her. She should have thought of the financial cost before having 14 children. What did she do with all the money and freebees she received. Should have invested or got an accountant instead of plastic surgery. Do her and Kate from plus 8 know each other? Both want children to be their meal tickets. If she can't afford to support her children she should put them up for adoption so they can have a good life. Without a publicity crazy mother.


Turn tricks, you weird bitch


This is a sad case, Today noone has to care about this woman or like her but what about all those kids they did not ask for this they deserve to be clothed fead and shelterd why won't someone rich help her on the contiget that she be conceled. councling would help those children we as a society should care about those kids.


This woman is GROSE! She should have though about this before having all those babies. Poor children but I have NO sympathy for her. Give those kids to someone that can actually pay attention to them individually.


I wouldn't help this woman if she were starving to death and wanted a bite of my sandwich. Why hasn't DCFS come to take her kids away yet????


She has fans?


Gross. What an incompetent. Does she really have fans? No, I doubt that very much. What's to admire about this skank?


WTH !!! What is wrong with this women and where in the hell is child protective services ? She is clearly incompetant to take care of her children and they need to be removed from her care! There are plenty of other way more worthy causes to donate to, why should anyone give this tramp a damn dime, she needs to learn to live on what she has and stop trying to make people feel sorry for her!


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