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Brooke Mueller may or may not have relapsed last month, as conflicting reports detailed the troubled ex-wife of Charlie Sheen as possibly falling off her drug and alcohol wagon.

But the reality star definitely has found love, she recently admitted: Mueller is in a relationship with country singer Jaron Lowenstein.

Moreover, she sort of owes the romance to Sheen and her inability to cut herself loose from the unstable actor.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
(Getty Images)

According to TMZ sources, Muller met Lowenstein at a party last year, one she attended because she and Sheen were talking reconciliation.

The two exchanged numbers and when Brooke and Charlie didn’t work out in the end, she took her friendship with the singer to the next level.

Mueller is the mother of Sheen’s twins and has found herself frequently in trouble with substance abuse. But for the sake of her children, let’s hope Lowenstein – who has never once drank tiger blood or claimed he is a warlock, as far as we know – can help keep her on a straight path.