Octomom's House Officially in Foreclosure

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Octomom Nadya Suleman's house has officially gone back into foreclosure.

The house officially went back to the bank after a disastrous foreclosure auction, during which Amer Haddadin, who owned the La Habra, Calif., home, lost it for good.

The auction took place this morning, but no one bid on the property.

Back to the bank it goes. The price was $355,643, a relatively modest sum for the OC. No takers, even with California mortgage rates at HISTORIC LOWS!

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The real bummer for Haddadin? Since Nadya Suleman repeatedly failed to pay money that was supposed to go toward the monthly mortgage that Amer's on the hook for, and he couldn't cover it himself, he lost the property altogether.

We're guessing someone won't be lining up to buy any Octomom porn.

Incredibly, she's still living there, delinquent as ever. The bank will have to initiate eviction proceedings to kick Suleman out. Give it a couple of hours.

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@ Jaelyn
Your right about the " creepy" thing


Out of curiosity I checked out some of her photos and was expecting to be horrified, really she looked pretty decent except her lips are too Angelina-like (nadya really tried too hard on that one). I think her history and the fact she's got lots of kids is what weirds people out. Had she had none of those and no one knew her 'story', I suspect she wouldn't seem as creepy.


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