Myla Sinanaj to Kris Humphries: I Want You Back!

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Might the Myla Sinanaj and Kris Humphries love story actually have a happy ending?

Following weeks of contentious exchanges - which included Myla Sinanaj being subpoenaed to testify in her ex-boyfriend's divorce battle with Kim Kardashian, and also threatening to sue Kris for defamation of character - TMZ now reports the busty brunette actually wants to get back together with Humphries.

She is pregnant his baby after all.

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Sources tell TMZ that Sinanaj has forgone plans to sue Humphries AND agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement that forces her to keep quiet about whatever Kris told her during their relationship.

Perhaps Humphries offered her a chunk of whatever settlement he receives from his official Kardashian split?

Myla even believes there's a "good chance" she and Humphries will date again in the near future.

Who says love is dead, people? We'll update this story with whatever ridiculous development goes down next.


one lesson in life guys, stay the hell away from that Godforsaken Tribeca Grand Hotel.


Only in Hollyweird does a woman sign a 'confidentiality' agreement after sleeping w/ someone for a month (two?) & becoming pregnant to try to get him back. Wow.
The stuff that goes on behind closed doors there would blow most ppls minds! Not going back!!!


@roxy - I couldn't agree more.


I'm sexy


Really? He's the problem here? I'm not a big Kris H fan but this girl is definitely out of sorts. I smell wanting to monopolize on fame and fortune. Again, I'm not a fan of the guy but this girl has "look at me" fame-seeker written all over her. Regardless, IF she is pregnant and IF it is his, lordy, what a shame, as I don't think either of these two are equipped to care for a child.


Been there, done that - move on.


Only in America!!!!!!!!!


After everything he did to her, crazy isnt the word. And Im sure with getting her to want to sign the confidentiality agreememt and to get her to drop tje charges against him, he is finding a way to use that baby against her. He is trying to manipulate her. After everythingshithead did to her I dont thimk he has any intemtion of getting back with her. I think after his divorce is final jell find some reason to not get back together. Anytime it seems like someone cant go any lower, shithead shows different.


This girl is C. R. A. Z. Y.

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