Lady Gaga: Nude for Fame!

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Lady Gaga is baring it all in her latest ad campaign. No, really!

The singer dons nothing but her birthday suit in the latest ad campaign for her personal fragrance, Fame.

“Photo by STEVEN KLEIN. The First Ever Black Eau de Parfum. Model: Lady Gaga,” the 26-year-old Tweeted along with the photo this week, which includes miniature men crawling all over her body.

Lady Gaga Nude Picture

Perhaps this image will put all those Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors to rest, but we somehow doubt it.

The artist has been relatively quiet over the last couple months, though she did stir up a bit of controversy a couple days ago by mocking the heck out of Lindsay Lohan and her diet.

But even that has been dismissed as merely friendly jab, leaving us to wonder: what actual hijinks will Gaga come out with next?!?


i love you lady....all the best Erock...u rely rock the world


You go girl looking great. I am a 69 grandmother and I think you are great.Wheb\n you were in N.C. tow years ago my grandchildren try to get tickes to your show bit they were$250.00 and a 17 yr old 15 yr oild and a11 yr old do not have that kind of money. They call me grandma Gaga. kept on going you are great in my book.


Why wud a right thinking Human being want to wear a perf from the dark side mixed with blood and semen?! This is straight from the pit of Hell n She is telling directly. Wud U choose darkness instead of light?


Gaga does keep details in her advertisement.


Nude lady gaga


"Hermaphrodite" is still a clinical word. It is literally external parts of both sexes, where being intersexed is more general--covering multiple androgenous conditions. Of course it's PC too because people feel similarly about the word, "hermaphrodite" like they do about the word, "retardation". But both are still accurate medical terms.


Are you guys like 100 years old or what? No one uses the word "hermaphrodite" anymore. The term is "intersexed," and I'm certain that if Lady Gaga were, she'd be the first to tell ya. No way in hell I'm paying the outrageous price for her celebrity perfume, but damn, she looks good.


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