Lady Gaga Mocks "Skinny Bitch" Lindsay Lohan For Eating Cucumber For Dinner

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While living at the Chateau Marmont "intermittently while work is being done on her house," Lindsay Lohan's eating habits - or lack thereof - have been observed by none other than Lady Gaga. Spoiler alert: She doesn't eat much.

Lady Gaga Tweeted upon seeing her in the bar:

"@LindsayLohan when you ordered a cucumber and a knife to the bar last night I thought you were gonna perform a vasectomy #justaskinnybitch."

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The singer then posted a photo of the unusual snack option along with the caption, "@LindsayLohan how much could one do with this arrangement."

Lindsay apparently didn't take it personally, as she replied, "#skinnysnack @ladygaga hahaha!" Gaga's tweets have since been taken down, BTW.

Gaga's not taking a real shot at her, though. According to several sources, the two know each other and have hung out several times this month.

Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan BFF alert?

It could very well be, as unlikely as that might seem; the two stars have been spotted laughing together and exchanging playful Tweets, E! reports.

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I just read an article about lady gaga saying that she has struggled with anorexia and bulimia growing up, Plus gaga has admitted at a concert in my town that she uses cocain alot(no big surprise though) And i know i have a dirty mind but for some reason that sounded sexual to me about the cucumber thing lmao :D


She need to get in the studio and drop a beat.


Cucumbers ARE delicious :) For a meal though... Not enough nutrients to hold a person over.


Maybe they played a prank on her or something.


Lindsy looks like a mess in this photo...I eat cucumbers for dinner from time to time, they are good! :P


Knife and cucumber?


She was made for radio.. Only