Kyle Glover, 11-Year Old Stepson of Usher, Dies of Brain Injuries

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Tragic news today for Usher and his estranged ex-wife, Tameka Foster:

Kyle Glover, Tameka's 11-year old son from a previous relationship, has been taken off life support and has passed away two weeks after suffering irreversible brain damage in a jet skiing accident.

Usher and Family

The fatal injury occurred on Lake Lanier in Atlanta on July 8, as Kyle was riding on an inner tube when he was struck by a passer-by in a jet ski. That individual is named Jeffrey S. Hubbard and is in under investigation for his actions.

Doctors quickly determined that Kyle was medically brain dead and he had been on life support in the hospital until this morning.

The tragedy took place while Usher and Foster were engaged in a contentious custody fight for the two kids they share. But that court battle has now taken a backseat to the sad circumstances surrounding Glover.

We send our thoughts and prayer to his family.

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Go well buddie. I am sure you wil be missed by family and friends. We prayed 4 u here n Africa.


I think all who are talking about black people don't do this or don't do that is ignorant. It was a freak accident and just that. We can go along blaming people at this point. People in general do the best they can to raise their children and don't suspect this at all. So all u ignorant racist please keep your dumb non educated comments to yourself. With that being said I pray to The almighty God that this family find peace in knowing that their child is no longer on earth in the world but in a safe place in Gods house.


I'm so sorry to hear of ure loss..its soooo hard to loose a child..we always think tht we can protect tem frm everything and we really cnt..but yes I kn yu jst lost ure son and my prayers go out to yu and ure family..but seriously dnt yu think tht wld be more than enough reason fr yu and usher to stp all tis fighting and all tis divorce nonsence..cum togetherand be a family...and jst remember these things... 1 wat God puts together cnt no man tear apart
2 God don't lik divorce...


My prayers go out to usher and tameka. I'm so sorry for your loss


@ Question- As hard as it would be, I think I would let my children go. ONLY AFTER any organ donations, and/or family could all make it to say goodbye. I wouldnt want my child to be laying there lifeless when they are so energetic. HOWEVER, I say that now when I am not in that situation.


@ Karen, we were both wrong the kids are from Iowa


Can we just pray for the world of hurt this must be causing everyone that god give them the strength and courage to keep going there are other children who have lost a brother let's pray that they all find strength to keep going. Black brown white orange green blue who cares now is the time for prayer n reflection.


@ Karen, I thought it was Idaho....oh well, reguardless what state, I hope they find them soon and safe!


If you have information on the two girls missing in Ohio call the national missing children hotline.


I agree TO A POINT the children should have been supervised better BUT we (as a whole were not there and are just specilating about what happened) who says things didnt just happen so fast that it couldnt have been advoided? Who is to say that reguardless of any precautions that were/could have been taken,it just was this little boys time to go? As far as race,,,,, I know just as many `white folks` who rather drink beer, bbq, and play horseshoes then supervise their children @ lakes and such. I ALSO KNOW many other race parents who watch their children `like a hawk`. I dont believe race has anything to do with it what so ever!