Kim Kardashian Fashion Choice: Fail or Fabulous?

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It's Paris Fashion Week, which means one thing: we're about to be bombarded with countless examples of hideous outfits that pompous designers and celebrities pretend are hip and chic and totally the next trend.

In reality, they're just stupid looking.

Case in point: Kim Kardashian and the following black dress, which appears to be growing some kind of weed along one side of it. She may wanna call in an exterminator for this monstrosity...

Hideous Kim Kardashian Dress
Kim and Kanye in Black

Kardashian, of course, is accompanied here to the Stephane Rolland Fashion Show by boyfriend Kanye West, about whom she recently gushed to Oprah.

Might these two shack up? Get married? Have kids? We'll save those pressing questions for another time and focus instead now on the contraption attacking Kim.

Give this dress a grade:

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Kim Kardashian Fashion Choice: Fail or Fabulous?
Now tell me it's not real!
Have fun


Ms Kardashian, God qualifies the disqualified in the eyes of man.
You are a beautiful, lovely, intelligent young woman, who obviously
craves celebrity life and its attention. With the attributes that
god has given you, and because my family likes you so much, because
we've never heard you bash any other celebrity, while many bash
you. It shows your kindness. You have shown what a smart business
woman you are. Please search your soul and use your beauty and
intelligence instead of always displaying your body at any chance
possible. You are better than this. I heard you say once that your
father knew of his children, he would not have to worry about you,
you would prevail. You are a shining star, stop diminishing your
light. Make your father really proud. God Bless.


wooow,tremendous you look just gorgeous,i like it and thats an A,lov yah kim


People do u knw how much that dress is it's over 100.000 so dnt add stupid comments if u dnt knw wht ur looking at I luvvvvvv ittt and it's really good on her


She looks like
she doesnt even like the dress.
Who picked this out for her?
Its not her style, shes more slutified.


Ebony and Ivory continue to to be the theme of the ridiculous Kardashian find her a caucasian model and maybe she will stop with the body and clothes enhancements . The dress and botox lips need to go


" it looks like an exploded tampon " lol thats a good one for real... and her hair looks like shit strait up, It's pretty sad whenever a guy looks 7 times better than a girl.... And yeah that's pretty much what's happening here!


Looks like a baby threw up on her.


Give her a break guys and ladies we must give up 4 her she does look good


If it doesn't have any cleavage to show Kim Kardashian' beautiful breasts then sorry, it automatically gets a G, forget the F....... Lucky Kanye... I'd bang her every hour on the hour....