Katie Holmes Planned Her Divorce in Secret!

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Was Tom Cruise totally blind-sided by his divorce from Katie Holmes? Looks like the actress may have planned the whole thing in secret!

E! Online is reporting that Holmes used a secret disposable cell phone to contact her lawyers about the divorce plans. Not only that, but the actress apparently purchased the Manhattan apartment where she is now living with her daughter Suri before the divorce news broke.

Katie Holmes, Pants

With their divorce settlement agreed upon very quickly, this is all looking to be very calculated on the part of Holmes. Holmes even spent part of every month in New York for the last two years, a requirement to obtain residency there!

Did Tom know about the plans, and the two decided to keep it from the media together? Or did Katie hit him over the back of the head with it after everything was already in motion? What do you think happened?


Hey hey


Lol her story would now be hot for movie n book as it shown how smart she was at planning to get out ... It could be name mi: tomkat lol


I think everyone should just mind their own business!!!! I think all of you commenting couldn't handle the kind of stress they do everyday! What their business is their business geez gosip everywhere!!!


Amazing! Katie would make a great spy! She outwitted Tom & his entire $cientology staff and it is a part of Scientology culture to spy on and report on everyone. She finally realized that this life was more than she signed up for and very smartly figured out a way to get out.


I think she just realized he wasn't for her. And she knew if she tried to do it with out it being planned he'd make a huge fuss out of it. Like most men. I think your all being pretentious btchs. yeahs he's creepy but the tabloids would never post "t cruise is romantic" or some crap like that cause people like to get at him as that creepy guy. and he can't help he's short. i bet your fat


you go and take that cheaters ass or just half of his things...u are the star not his controlling ass...and hes short what a freak!


I think she used him to climb the ladder, she no longer needs him, she has her star status now, i thought before they married they had an agreement that he would pay her 19 million? at any rate she needs a sylist, her taste in clothes is terrible.


Planning "in secret" would have to be the only way Katie could get the job done bein' married to the nutty Tom Kat!


She realized she was married to a zealot 100% or nothing is a tough standard for anyone. She got a lovely
Child out of it just hope she is not used like a chess piece.


I believe that she saw what he did to Nicole Kidman and gave him a little taste of his own medicine. Plus, she was probabaly tired of bearding for him. Come out of the closet already, Tom! We all know you're a queer. Embrace it and tell the world.

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