Justin Bieber Hangs Up on Interviewer Over Justin Timberlake Comparisons, Harry Styles Questions

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Justin Bieber did not take too kindly to questions on the "Mojo in the Morning" radio show recently, quickly becoming agitated and ultimately hanging up.


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    When I read this on other sites, it made the interview sound so awkward in the beginning but honestly, Mojo was being so nice! He kept complimenting him and tried to lighten the mood with a little jest but wow Bieber, grow up. Such a bratty thing to do and rude nonetheless! Who do you think you are? You might not like all interviews but watch yourself and watch the things you say. What a KIDDDDD.


    hey u r so cute can't move my eyez if i look at


    I thought it was Justin Timberlake the first time I heard it too. It seems like he steals his style too, from Rachel Maddow.


    He needs to get over himself. But he seems to be starting to act more and more like a diva lately anyway with his hissy fits. The Justin Timberlake thing was meant to be a compliment and I don't see how that makes the interviewer rude. The whole watching out for Harry with his mom, that was something Selena Gomez revealed in an interview. She said: Both me and Justin still have really hot mom and Justin was like, ‘Harry might have become one of my best buddies, but with his record we need to keep him away from our mums.’”

    So they put it out there and the interviewer brought it up probably trying to lighten the mood after him freaking out over the Justin Timberlake comment.


    It comes w territory to have hard interviews,the braty adult has been seen lately.why didnt he press charges on babymama drama,think it was fake setup


    He should be thrilled justin is more talented and sings better he could hope to be around when he reaches jt age.


    He may not be trying to sound like anyone else but he sure is trying to look black. Also, I wasn't aware that Canadians have "hood" accents when they speak. Sup homie!


    I wanna thank for the good work


    I think Justin acted his age, plus the whole ego. It's a radio talk show, one would think the host would say/do something abit questionable. Not a real shocker.

    Take it all as compliments and laugh off the rest. It makes the host look bad and creates a different headline.


    He needs to get over himself, the interviewer was being polite about the whole Justin timberlake thing and he blew it way out of proportion. And the whole thing with his mom and Harry, it's called having a sense of humor >_> Justin was probably PMSing that day

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