Jon Voight Defends Jane Pitt, Anti-Gay Marriage Letter: "Good for Her!"

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Move over, Brangelina. You're being upstaged by... your parents?!?

Indeed, days after Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, made headlines for penning an editorial that bashed Barack Obama as "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage," Angelina Jolie's estranged father has come out in support of his quasi relative.

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"Good for her," Jon Voight - who once laid into Obama himself for spreading "anti-Semitism throughout the world" - told Fox News about Mrs. Pitt.

The veteran actor, one of the more outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, added that he agreed all around with Jane Pitt's stance.

Moronic Twitter followers have been sending out death threats to Pitt for her letter, but her very own son has no problem with his mother expressing her views. Said Doug Pitt on The Today Show:

"I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you."

Where do YOU stand on the topic of gay marriage?

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I left some out- Lena, Who is it, Gail, Bitches, Janet- I was just kidding about eyes and Kim sue and RA and all saints of course I'm a clinically ill so- well go ahead and put me on the list as well. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but it's hard so much has entered that opening.


Hey Jude- People respond because we are sick of listening to your version of what's right. What you do behind closed doors is one thing- same as me but when you get on your soap box and start with name calling and point fingers as gays have done is pissing people off. On the Ocean Thread- you may have been closer to the truth. Bottom line , you earn respect and benifit of the doubt is given when chosen to be given. No- I don't want my kid to see to men together but I could go years without giving a shit either. You call out Hetro- then you get what you get. Never seen so damn many people's obsessed with their orientation and don't even comment back cause this ain't a freakin debate. It can only get worse from this message. PS- we respond because Homosexuals threatened the life of Jane Pitt- the topic at hand.


@@Kay- 'b4' is internet slang, look it up. The word 'troll' was used as an insult, re-read your post. But there's no definition for it the way you used it that's currently accepted in reputable dictionaries. Maybe you need to take your own advice. Yawn.....


It's so funny that so many people here are anti-homosexuals but go on & on about homosexual acts...makes you wonder! @omgisa is just the latest example of it on this thread. Why do these people even bother to respond?


I'm with Jon and Jane! They are right on in their assertions regarding gays and most important? They've got a right to express it! Let's hear it for the Constitution while it still has "breath"!


@ Die Well, when it comes to being in the health care field...let's just hope those gay EMT workers are forced to be tested every 6 months or else the lawsuits will mount against their emergency service companies if patients are infected! It IS really a serious issue you know. Don't take it lightly! Gays in that career must be doubly careful!


That's not an insult and before you get preachy, b4 is something you call at bingo. You need to open a book.


One meanknob gobbler is omg a big penis proctoligist likes using.his tiny cock to probe mens rectums for lumps.


@ die , Don't bother with the rest. Call a hurst.


All this hate is awesome, I can feel it bleeding our nation of the Red,White, and Blue. But on to another topic for a second, can anyone answer this if your in a burning building and need rescued, do you tell the 911 operator to send only a straight EMT,Fireman or Cop or do you accept the help thank them and move on? Not a fan of their lifestyle and as long as they Keep it behind closed doors I have no right to question it However if it is them sucking face in public where my kids can see I am inclined to believe they're wrong, and it goes for any couple with a need for public displays of affection.

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