Jane Pitt Criticized, Threatened Over Anti-Gay Letter

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Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, has been targeted by critics and even with death threats after a letter she wrote last week to her local Missouri newspaper.

Jane Pitt's letter expressed support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, citing his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion as two reasons.

Given Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's staunch support of gay rights, the letter came as a surprise to many, and subjected Jane to a firestorm of criticism.

Brad Pitt's Mom

Brad's brother Doug Pitt defended their mom, if not her political views, while Jane said she would no longer be commenting to the media on the letter.

Others were not so diplomatic, to say the least.

Reaction was swift on Twitter, where one user, I Bleed Gaga wrote, "BRAD PITT'S MOM WROTE AN ANTI-GAY PRO-ROMNEY EDITORIAL. KILL THE B***H."

Another named Sandy Kownacka wrote, "Brad Pitt's mom, die."

Others stiil wrote: "F**k you, brad pitt's mom, the gay community made your kid a star, you whacko," and, "Brad Pitt's mom is a dumb c***."

Okay, people. Chill. As Doug said, it's alright to disagree, but can't we keep things civil? No need to threaten a senior citizen's life over this.

Same-sex marriage:

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Typical of left, agree with us or we will kill you, your family, and everyone you've ever known. They never change, funny they love that slogan though. The left and the godless have been at this a long time, their tactics are unchanged for a millennium. Unfortunately when the left is on the move and in charge, it means bad things are on the horizon. Let's review! Ok first they will use a crime or act real or staged to take away the people's ability to defend themselves (guns-sword whatever) then they will grab the means to move away (money homes, property) then the ovens heat up again like national socialist germany, or 100's of millions are just disappeared as in sovietRussia, Red China, Cambodia, N Korea. Face folks, no better way to die than to be murdered standing with Christ, and or the former United States Constitution.


American are stupid religious homophobics haters..... Gay suffer enough longer from nasty pigs like you


Just goes to show there's an UGLY side of the gay lifestyle! 'Course, I think when it comes down to it? Ole Jane could hold her own against them gay boys! All she has to do is have a bunch of mirrors around her at the time they confront her. Those panzies will be so busy primpin' in the mirror? Jane should get an easy shot at 'em and have 'em knocked out before they knew what hit 'em! TEAM JANE!


Things like this make me think that these gay associations or coalitions are like fundamentalist cults, where the spirit of it is "either you loooove and adore us and agree with everything we say" or you hate us, deserve to die and go to hell.
Everybody Should have the right to believe whatever they want to believe and express that belief with freedom.


Lame attempt at being coy is all you have, looking for someway to embarrass a mother. You look like an idiot because you are. Nobody gives a damn about your punk ass even with that swagger. You look ridiculous when you try to be clever. You show your anti-Christ side and your hopelessness. You are a sick animal just like all faggs.


God Damn anything Homosexual- The devils Soliders.


Mag July 11th, 2012 10:30 AM Making life decisions per the Bible is ludacris. The Bible is old scripture created by man.
________________ It's amazing to me how people will make such sweeping and prejudiced assertions without one supporting their case with one shread of reasoning. I suppose the genius Meg thinks that anything old is suddenly invalid because of its age. What if I think the Constitution is old? I think I'll throw it out and guess what? You have no rights now Meg because the Constitution is old and was written by men. You fool.


They do not answer gently. They become infuriated and they lie by labeling anyone who would point out their folly with the worst and most degrading terms, no matter how lovingly their sin was pointed out.
Mrs. Pitt’s situation is an excellent example. She merely said she was voting for Romney and they have threatened to kill her. You would think they would have some respect because she is Brad Pitt’s mother, but no, they actually threatened to kill her in order to silence her. These people are as bad as the Nazis of 1930’s Germany. And no wonder since many, many many of the original Nazis (i.e,. Eric Roehm, head of the SA) were homosexual. It’s no wonder where the Nazis bitterness came from.


Making life decisions per the Bible is ludacris.The Bible is old scripture created by man.


tell mrs cleaver that wally is gay and he is still a good christian boy lol.some of you on here take this shit to the head.get out get laid.

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