Jada Pinkett Smith Tweets Bikini Pic, Words of Encouragement

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Jada Pinkett Smith has no problem showing some serious skin when it comes to important causes.

The actress got naked last month in the name of human trafficking awareness, and now she's showing off her bikini body for the sake of the over-40 crowd.

Jada Pinkett Smith Bikini Body

Smith Tweeted a photo of herself in the water over the weekend, along with the caption: "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype…we DO get better with age!" 

Of course, it helps when you are rich and can afford a personal trainer and a personal chef and can take the time in between movies or TV shows to work out like crazy. But still.

Jada has been battling divorce rumors in the press for months now, but there are no actual signs that she and Will Smith will be splitting any time soon.

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Jus sayin'..
shes always had a small frame.
Im sure she just eats small meals and stay active.
Havin' money in her pocket sure dont hurt


People please, don't hate. Being rich, personal chef doesn't automatically mean a great body. It still takes dedication and hard work to get the body you want. I am 56 years old and I look 36, why? I get out of bed at 5:30 Mon-Fri and I work out for an hour before getting ready for work, then I eat healthy small amounts about 6 times a day, on the weekends I listen to my favorite songs and dance my ass off for an hour. I am not rich and I don't have a personal chef, I do it all by myself. So you see it can be done, but you have to want it and be dedicated to do it, having money is no guarantee that you would have a great body unless you go under the knife and doing it that way looks fake and you have to keep doing it.


Ya, she looks good,...
but shes always been super skinny.
Her body ONLY looked "womanly"
after having children.
Lucky woman got lots of $$$$
ONLY because of her husband.


I used to go to the same gym as her a few years ago.She's even more beautiful in person,dressed down,without make up,and she works out very hard.I did think it was weird that she went to the gym when she probably has one at home.I guess if I lived in a home like hers,I'd be too distracted to work out,would spend all day on the recliner in the home theater she probably has,being fed by my personal chef,and I'd never work out


I hate muscly woman, she got no shape, her tummy is wide as her butt, ugly is all I can say. N I agree with Kenny, you can support the cause without being a slut. It's not brave, it's stupid and attention ho


Oops botox.


And tummy tucks, boob lifts, face lifts, boric, etc etc etc.