Jada Pinkett Smith: Nude For Human Trafficking Awareness

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Jada Pinkett Smith is speaking out against the horror of human trafficking, a noble cause brought to her attention by none other than her daughter, Willow.


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    You white trash fuck. White men been f*@&*#g black women for centuries. Grow up B#$@H. Black women are strong and have survived a history of slavery under a demonic white race. You d*m demon!


    I will love to talk to Mrs. Smith about human trafficking in frican (Nigeria). Gladys


    I would love to talk to ms. Smith on the trafficking issue. This happened to me when I was 17. And I would like to join your cause. Renee


    read or look: there is a video that explains the strategy of how it was filmed. READ, LEARN before you judge.


    @all saints what a load of shit. By your account then you are a 40yr old grown man with two children and u troll gossip sites all day leaving comments mostly about race. What kind of loser/weirdo grown man goes on gossip sites all day? U should be on ESPN not tween sites. And being such a bitter person really does show what a shitty life u have even tho u don't want to admit it. It speaks for its self.


    Actually, I'm just fed up with the ghetto garbage types, putting down white people. Thats ok, but the reversed isn't? Since, obviously you read things on this site, as I do, check out some GG comment, about Jenny McCarthy. eith rare exceptions, most white woman put black women to shame. That's why so many of the blacks guys, if they make good money, first thing they get is the high end car, and the high end woman. Not the loud, fat, ignorant, baby mamas, they spent time with, before they made it, "Just to get some."


    Correction on Walter's Flower's movie-Adie MacDowell actress portraying real life UN security force menber and Gender Advocate-who can't get a job now due to her EXPOSURE of children and young women Trafficed to and by UN Security forces, Politicians and government contracters. Closer to home tre movie-To Young to Die-Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt from home town. USA Please be responsible and respectful-JPS-when you advocate for Children and Young Women who need a voice that isn't exploiting their bodies. I did not see the tortureous methods used on them in your video
    ACD AR


    Shes a nasty bi.


    If women continue to sexually exploit themselves, then how will we ever convince others not to sexually exploit females? Why not take an intelligent, firm, and educated approach to a very serious situation? Taking your clothes off to get people to "look" is all of the problem in the first place... Celebrities will always live by the motto "sex sells". They will never not.


    Shame on here for taking her clothes off. Exploit self to raise support of the exploited seems to be a bit convoluted. Can't take her seriously once she took her clothes off.

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