Fred Willard Arrested for Public Masturbation

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Fred Willard has been arrested for allegedly pulling a Pee-Wee Herman.

According to TMZ sources, the 78-year old comedian (Modern Family, For Your Consideration, American Wedding) was booked last night after undercover LAPD officers entered the Tiki Theater in Hollywood - and discovered Willard with his pants down and his hand around his penis.

Talk about giving a whole new meaning to Best in Show!

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Willard was cited for lewd conduct and released from custody not long after he was taken in around 8:45 p.m. local time.

As for what films may have led to such a mess? The three in the theater's rotation at the moment are: Follow Me 2, Step Dad No. 2 and a parody of The Client List.

Really an amateur move here on Willard's part. He could have stayed at home and legally enjoyed the actual Client List. He has seen those Jennifer Love Hewitt ads for it, right?

UPDATE: Willard has been fired by PBS.


Very sad about Fred Willard, he is so talented. And, did PBS really have t fire him. Who was he hurting?


@dclaire must be a regular at those sleeze joints. Porn Theatres are NOT private clubs. Exposing yourself there is equivalent to doing so in an alley. He clearly knows this or he would be at a private club for exhibitionists. (Or rented a video Or been on the Net if he was just seeking porn) His thrill is being busted and he got busted. He probably came during his mug shot!


raiding an adult movie theater for lewd conduct is like shooting fish in a barrel don't ya think? whads up with dat??? ralest murderers thieves abound and yet .... let the ole man go

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