The Client List Promotional Single: OMG, JLH!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt writhes around and strips down in this single, which is meant to hype her new series on Lifetime, The Client List. It works well.

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Avatar sound like such a jealous girl. As a woman myself, I would watch this and yes before you say it, with my husband. I am in no way jealous of other women. Jealousy is such a turn-off for men. Have some confidence.


####### and we thoroughly enjoyed the show together.
Lucy, 28 Screen Writer, Actress, Lecturer, Masters Graduate of Creative Writing. Melbourne Australia.


I have to (reluctantly) agree with all the naysayers about JLH's newest project. HOLY SHISHKEBOB!!! What is she THINKING? This show is not only the most DISrespectful load of hogwash regarding LEGITIMATE massage therapists (who will no doubt have their reputations FURTHER skewed by this show), but it begs the question, WHY DOESN'T SHE JUST GO FOR BROKE AND DO HARDCORE PORN? After all, that is what she SEEMS so be striving toward! What a shame... I used to be a HUGE fan of her ACTING (albeit marginal), but now my image of her has been completely SHATTERED. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS TRASH, JLH! STOP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE SOME CREDIBILITY!


@Deb I think that's the point. She plays a call girl on the show I think? Plus the sex industry is "the world's oldest profession" and damn interesting to boot.


She looks like a whore! Why do they think women want to watch this trash!

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