Emily Maynard on Jef Holm: My Amazing BFF!

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A few days after making their engagement known, following a beautiful proposal on The Bachelorette finale Monday night, Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are defying the critics.

They are still together and appear as content as ever, with Holm saying he plans to soon move to North Carolina to be closer to Maynard and her daughter Ricki.

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Now, Emily has blogged on People about her "amazing" fiance and how lucky she is to have found him.

"Getting to share our love story with you all this season and reliving the proposal yesterday reminds me of how blessed I am to have found my best friend and partner in crime, Jef Holm," Maynard writes. "I've always believed in great love and hoped I'd find it one day. However, I had no idea a love like this even existed!"

Emily adds that she is grateful to viewers and simply excited to live her new life:

I have more fun with Jef than I have with anyone and I can't wait to have even more fun now that we can go out in public with my daughter Ricki.

Being the Bachelorette has been an incredible experience and I couldn't be more thankful for all the support. I learned so much about myself and so many lessons that I'll implement into our relationship. There were many ups and downs, and at times things were very chaotic, but love is worth the chaos!

Thanks again for the second chance and sticking with me until I got my fairy tale ending!

Do you think these two will make it to a wedding?


So happy for three ot u . Em u are people princess. It is. A fairy tail .. Rickis dad is so happy coz looking down that u find jif. Like him. Hope your. Wedding is like princess Diana coz USA people have found thier princess


Jef was the only one so far to have mentioned God in his proposal. Thats the way to go. Always include him and he will never let you down, Emily it is the woman who always makes the home so give jef the due respect and he will respect you in turn.You two are a match made in heaven and im really rooting for you. I know this will work. Both of you are too nice for it not to work. Jef is really awesome. Best wishes


Have a great life together and keep God number one in you life, keep your communication open at all times except each other as you are and if you want to change something as God in prayer I was married when I was 16 my husband was 18 would do it all over again coming up on 53 years


run Jef run like the wind


So happy for Emily, Ricki and Jef! Big fan of them.

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