Demi Lovato to Bath Salt Rapping X Factor Hopefuls: See Ya!

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Be warned, future X Factor hopefuls: Demi Lovato means business. Especially when it comes to drugs.

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    fuck yall white fucks he said no bath salts for this face stupid sons of bitches


    She did the right thing...YOU GO GIRL!!!


    Yeah there's a picture of the lyrics on one of the guy's twitter that says 'no bathsalts for this face' I wish people would get it right!


    Demi need to sit the fuck down. They didnt even rap about getting high off "Bath salts"...the lyrics clearly say "No bath salts for this face"...basically saying he doesnt need drugs to feel good or better. Her ass should have listen to the lyrics before criticizing. Just because she used drugs, doesnt mean everybody else does. She was very sterotypical and i hope they take legal action on her ass.


    Stupid haterz! dont judge demi if u dont know her story! she is the best role model ever!
    live love lovato


    She is not talentless. I bet she has more talent than you could ever think about having, So shut your mouth.


    @Star Oh puh-lease. You're a fucking hypocrite. We like to spend our time defending our role model and standing up for what we believe in. Even if I like to waste my time picking my butt, why the fuck do you care?

    @Betty I don't know how talented you are, but by what you said, you're an ugly person. Get your facts straight before speaking. Demi was a drug addict? Do you even know what that is? Try googling if you're unsure. My god, if the world had less people like you maybe world peace would exist. Always criticizing others with worthless lies.

    I'm a big fan of rap, but true rap. Not the ones about drugs, sex, or whatever the hell people rap about these days. Little kids watch the show. If they ask their parents what are bath salts, how the hell do they answer? I'm glad Demi spoke up! Go Demi!


    @Star it's funny you're telling people to get a life and calling people losers. I think we all know who the real pathetic person is here. :)


    All of you fighting with each other over people you dont, and will never know are seriously pathetic. Maybe instead of arguing with fellow Internet losers you could go outside and have your own life. :)


    @Betty LOL SO FUCKIN' FUNNY Did you just Say that Demi IS TALENTLESS, Are you Trippin' Or Somethin' May be you Need Your Ears Checked ??, 'Cause Demi IS WELL KNOWN FOR HER STRONG VOCALS, She Can Sing Live Better than all other Fake Teenagers singers out there ! "True Confidence Leaves No Room For JEALOUSY, If You Know You Are GREAT, Then You Have No Need To HATE" ! Think Twice before you post a Stupid And False Comment Next Time. Haha.. Go Listen to Selena tryna Sing Live She Sounds like a Joke Now That's Someone You Call TALENTLESS.

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