Chick-fil-A Opening in California Draws Protest by Gay Marriage Supporters

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Unlike the cities of Boston and Chicago, Laguna Hills did not place a ban on the opening of Chick-fil-A in its area. But perhaps it now wishes it had.

A new store in that town was greeted this morning by protestors from the Orange County Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, holding signs and calling for boycotts of the chain whose President has come out against gay marriage.

Chick-fil-A Protests

Aside from simply saying his company was "guilty as charged" when it came to supporting the "biblical definition of marriage," Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy has donated millions to the Marriage & Family Foundation and the Family Research Council.

The issue first came to attention when Ed Helms Tweeted his reaction to that news and said Chick-fil-A had lost him as a customer.

The The Jim Henson Company has also severed ties with the store, who tried to stem the tide of public disdain by releasing a statement that read: "Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena."

So far, as today demonstrated, it has not worked.

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LOL it seems the discrimination has changed foot... Pro gay bitches bitchin geez wtwc2??#these days


Well said, John! Everyone has the right to voice their opinion. The day we start attacking people for not believing how we believe, we might as well become a communist country. I went to the Wednesday "service", so to speak. I went in support of a man being reviled because he has a personal opinion. That's nuts. That is NOt what this country was founded on!


I think for the next few months chik fil a will have same store sales way way above expectations.


As usual republicans love to hate. But when they feel the slightest bit threatened, they play the victim.
People have the right to voice thier opinion, but I agree that it comes responbility espically for someone on TV or the head of a company. And we have a right to the respond support of hate with protest. Its american to protest. Its humane to love, to tolerate, understand, and allow others to marry who they love.


Maybe normal people, should start picketing the businesses run by these abnormal misfits. They have the nerve, to disrupt a business, for having an opinion, that differs from theirs.


everyone has freedom of speech! so let the man have his opinion. he didn't mean to offend anyone, it's what he believes in


who cares! this isn't news........get over it! protest on animal cruelty, abuse, starvation, things that really make a difference!!


dude!!!! who cares!!!! people just want to protest just to make a sign and "care" about whatever they are protesting about. everyone makes gay jokes........yes we need to be careful what we say, but as long as you apologize after the fact.....sometimes it just slips


Really people, I think we should boycott any group, company, or organization that does not agree with homosexuality! So we should not by any petroleum products from an Arab country (they are the most anti-gay people on earth) and we should not purchase anything made in China (It is against communist law to be gay). You’re going to be pretty awkward without transportation, normal household items, and clothing if you take that position. Did you really expect a Christian man to say anything else? Walmart is a Christian owned business as well as: In-N-Out Burger, Mary Kay, Wendy's , eHarmony, and Interstate Batteries. Owners or Company Presidents are people and they have a right to an opinion or belief just like anyone else in this country.


I love Romney! I love Rubio