Chick-fil-A: Banned from Boston!

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Boston residents will not be eating more chicken any time soon. At least not from Chick-fil-A.

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    They DID NOT get "banned" in Boston. Mayor 'Mumbles' Menino admitted later that he has no legal authority to "ban" anyone! Next time you post an article, maybe you should get your facts straight. And all the idiots that are applauding this better realize that they are advocating violating the first amendment! So much for "liberal" tolerance!


    I think Matt is funny, yet irreverent, and very much on the mark with many of his commentaries. Tequila conveniently forgets that the little freaks on here that trash Matt and Eyes are the real culprits. They are the ones that need their hairy little a**es booted off here. Tequila is probably the "homeroom" mother for them, ha! I have faith that HG will finally get rid of the real troublemakers and then there will be peace in the valley once again!


    oh well then gay supporters, time to go vegetarian


    I won't eat there or support any business that gives to homophobic organizations!


    If a mayor in Texas or South Carolina tried to block a business from opening because its CEO supported liberal causes there would be outcry, ie a double standard. Don't eat at Chick Fila if you don't like the CEO's politics but getting government involved is liberal McCarthyism.


    NOP: That's the troll "squad" led by one inbred redneck who suffers from multiple personality disorder.....yup...very pathetic


    Damn I really am starting to believe eyes and Matt are the same like everyone is saying. Its just too coincidental that they always end up on the same thread agreeing with eachother. What a joke..... side note I dnt agree with the mayor. CFL never said they wouldn't serve gays just that they didn't agree with gay marriage and I dnt think its wrong for them to have a opinion. No one cared that they were closed on Sundays its obvious they are a religious entity. Respect goes both ways


    before I forget... getting and receiving respect.... is a dream, sweet as it sounds... Still a dream and yes sometimes.... Dreams.....they do come true. maybe it mustin matter but it sure looks like it does- everywhere.


    Drowning .. In the sea of love (SN) where everyone... Would love to drown...and it was just like.......the break of wind..... in the wings of a storm, I think I have met my match ... She was singing.... and I knew it..... ahhhhh .. Ahhhhh Ahh ..ahhhhhhhh .... Said Sara .. You are the poet in my heart... Never change and don't you ever STOP... Now it's gone it doesn't matter what for... When you build your house......


    @Eyes- your right- Romney has no time to worry about taking away gay rights. Romney is going to try and get our rights back! Anytime a Liberal Party tries to tie a " Mass Killer" to the "Tea Party" you know that Democrats have gone over the deep end! That EviLLLLLLLLLL tea party! All that Red White and Blue garbage! Chick-fil-A ... The way they do business they can't raise chickens fast enough to be open Sundays.

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