Casey Anthony Wears Daughter's Ashes Around Her Neck

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Almost a year to the date of her acquittal, Casey Anthony is living life in seclusion, rarely venturing out for fear she'll be recognized, and wearing the ashes of the daughter most people believe she brutally murdered around her neck.

Her mother Cindy made her a special necklace with them.

Casey Anthony Mugshot

"Casey told me it was the way the Anthony women would be together forever," a friend says, noting that Cindy Anthony wears them as well.

Since walking out of jail a free woman on July 17, 2011, Casey, who must remain in Florida due to probation, has moved around the state.

Now settling in the West Palm Beach area and spending most of her days online, Anthony has put on about 20 pounds, according to the friend.

In an interview with Piers Morgan in June, Anthony maintained that she did not kill Caylee Anthony, and that she's often been misunderstood.

One person who isn't buying it: Prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

"I'm not going to get all weepy at the thought of Casey not being able to go out partying," he says. "She brought it all upon herself, and now she has to live with it – which is incidentally a luxury that Caylee will never get."

On a related note, even Jose Baez thinks she's crazy.


That white trailer trash whore better stay in hiding if she knows what is good for her.. I cant wait for the day to come where casey gets the shit beat out of her an even then it just will never be enough.. caylee was the most precious child to ever be put on this earth an didnt deserve to be murdered by the one person she had so much trust in or at least she thought..


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casey is a stupid fucking bitch. She should be dead or in prison for the rest of her fucking life. I cant believe she was not charged for her poor babys death. Maybe one of these days she will get what she deserves one of these days


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The jurors must have rationalized that George HAD to have molested Casey because there's no other reason why she should be so messed up. She is nothing but a classic case of spoiled adult living at home with mama with a kid she d


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Don't be so hard on Cindy. She believes what she does in order to cope. It's very difficult, complicated, tragic and hard to understand. I think she deserves our compassion. She's had to deal with such deep dark despair that very few of us will ever know. Thankfully.


Cindy and Casey should both be in a padded room. They are pathetic!!!


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