Alexis Bellino: Slammed By Heather Dubrow, Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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Alexis Bellino has taken a serious beating on The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, leading her to wonder whether it will be her last.

On last week's Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, the women all ganged up on Bellino for her antics and treatment of the show's crew.

"I've never seen anybody treat a [TV] crew the way you treat this crew," co-star and former actress Heather Dubrow said as Andy Cohen moderated.

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"You speak to them like trash and they are beneath you ... take a moment to look inside yourself. If everyone says you're dead, it's time to lie down!"

Ouch. Don't expect the bad blood to simmer down either.

Dubrow added at an event later in the week that "at some point you have to know when to shut the door ... and I think I've shut that door."

For her part, Bellino said that "[Vicki] and I are still in a lot of contact" since the season ended, but "the other girls and I ... we're not talking."

The Vicki Gunvalson-Tamra Barney feud has nothing on the group's collective assault on Bellino, with "Phony-Gate" dominating the season.

As such, Bellino claimed she's mulling whether to return. "I don't know at this point," she said of coming back for RHOC's Season 8 next year.

"Honestly, I think I've taken a pretty good beating and I don't know."

What do you think? Do you want to see Alexis Bellino back?


Heather Dumbrow and her comment "If everyone says you're dead it's time to lie down" sure does get a lot of press. But really, that comment makes absolutely no sense. It seems she is saying that if everyone says something then it must be true, but that obviously is not the case. Not to mention that fact, that if you're alive and everyone is telling you, you are dead, then obviously, you are alive!! So in other words, Heather's stupid comment proves how ridiculous and wrong her point is. If everyone is telling you something, it doesn't mean it's true, especially if it's not!!


Alexis Rocks,she is the only reason i will be watching season 8.Laurie and Lex the kind girls of oc.Gretchen crap of a friend.On the reunion show you could tell gretchen was lying.she and Tamras friendship seems fake.she is self-centered.Alexis just trys to fit in.Gretchen just wants to get to the top.Tamra always picks on someone each season.Lynn she use to think was the stupid one.she needs to learn kindness.the marriage must be for show.Eddie is gay which is no big deal but why marry her.laurie back for some of season.she went out with slade.7wives filming in Canada.


ALEXIS,please gooo back to oc and show them ugly old things.iam big fan.xx

Stuck in the moment

alexis go back. and show those old plastics how thick they are. its time you and vicky ganged up on tamara, gretchen heather and her husband teresa. they are as phony as phoney gets


Tamra is a mean old girl. She hated on Gretchen for the past three seasons but only because she wanted to be Gretchen. She has changed her hair and body to closer resemble Gretchen and not they are bff's. Alexis is what she is but she is no where near as poisonous as Tamra, Gretchen and that Dubrow woman are proving to be. I hope Alexis comes back and fights her corner, would hate the grim trio to feel they have triumphed in any way.


I think alexis should cotinue the oc....i don't think she is phony, they are just jealous because she is so pretty....


I meant makes me look clever haha


Seriously im not that bright she actualy makes me look thick shes vile shes not a good friend shes just jims doormat go tamra !

@ Loopy

Tamra is plastic jealous and off. Low class....honestly


waw Alexis is such a horrible friend. all friendships have ups and downs, but u never tell ur friends secrets. in a normal conv she tried to tell gretchen's secrets, like she wears extensions and has done her lips.WAW ALEXES U REALLY ARE FAKE!!!!


URGENT URGENT URGENT URGENT Twinkle is a troll hired by the Bellinos.

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