The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Recap: Cat Fight, Part One

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Two weeks after The Real Housewives of Orange County season finale, the women are sitting down on Andy Cohen's couches in Part One of the Season 7 reunion.

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    Tamra is so transparent, she was horrible to Gretchen when her husband was dying yet is outraged that anyone should doubt her that simon would hit her etc , I think Simon had a lot to put up with, It seems the men in the show are a lot nicer people than the women, Don is a nice guy seems afraid to to say it how it is ...until it was too late, he should have been treated with respect and dignity but Vickie is also just shallow and self obsessed, , But I think I still dislike the nasty horrible Tamra the most she is totally breed less.


    Gretchen was the best but now she is stooping to that nasty Tamaras level please watch Tamaras body language she is so bitter and a trouble maker and doesnt like Alexis cos she is so good looking with a greata personality


    omg tamra's husband is an A***hole.. let your wife work n u look after kids instead of playin golf stop livin in 50's.. JOKER!! and ffs if Tamra and Gretchen don't like each other stop talking bout each other 24/7 GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Grow up

    Um, tamra doesn't have a husband- perhaps you meant Alexis? Her and Heather are the only women married, andmi cant imagine you'd confuse the two- one being a petite brunette, with actual brain cells and the other being a stereotypical blonde with boobs bigger than her head. Also tamra and Gretchen like each other, so they aren't talking about each other 24/7, so not sure you're insisting should shut up and grow up.
    I'm more confused than by this comment than Lex was during her argument with Heather...


    Tamera s big teased hair aged her about 15 years


    I'm no longer watching this show if they continue with Tamara!! She's a horrible UGLY Person! She stirs up
    The s&)$it! She is a white trash phony as bi$,&;&!! Heather is a follower and Gretchen was the best housewife but then jumped
    On with tamara and Gretchen turned into her! Alexis is an airhead but she's holding her own! She is more real than Tamara and gretchen right now! At least she keeps it real that's who she is! Vicki needs to realize who stupid she looked when she hung out with the ugly person Tamara and now see paying for it being called a hyprocit but this is all because of Tamara again! Could u delete her and bring back Gina and Laurie! I loved them!! Housewives of oc is no more and I will delete!!


    Tamra seems to slip under the radar and should be called out on how mean she is to the other housewives - a different one every season. Alexis ..... enough said. Heather, seems to like herself a little too much. Gretchen - I like her. She seems to be the only one that has some common sense. If they kick Vicki off the show and bring in more affluent women with huge $$ homes like Heather I for one will stop watching. I found her house over the top and the whole changing her name ceremony a little unreal. Please keep the show the way it has been over the past seasons.


    Heather is trash. Tamra is retarded and Gretchen is a bitch: if I had a friend that did to me what she has done with Alexis, I would definitely dump that friend forever..Heather is an actress , really!!!She is not even attractive and her husband neither. For being a plastic surgeon, I tell you she is not good publicity. I like Vicky although Gretchen is right: Vicky excuses her boyfriend behaviors but blasted Slade for the samething. I wish Heather would go away and Tamra would go back at being half decent . It seems that half of her goodness was removed with half of her breast .. too bad


    After watching part 2 of the reunion show, I realized that I am part of the problem. So I am ending my sad addiction to this show. Deleted all the RH franchises off of my DVR & series menu. Deleted all of the unwatched WWHL episodes. Andy Cohen, this is no longer fun. It's creepy and you're the carnival barker at the center of it all.


    I love the success that Heather's husband had achieved, but he seems to be in the ladies business a little "too" much, and sorry to say, Heather is just not that pretty. She is what she is, and it's okay, but beautiful, now nor never has she been in that category. Gretchen was once beautiful, and Alexis is beautiful. Vicki is a fine woman and should try and rise above the bull. Tamera, poor thing - she does need help. Tamera is to chatty and should worry more about being a better mother, than telling her friends business. Look out Gretchen, Tamera will be back and Slade and Alexis will be gone. You are materialist, selfish and not such a good person to work anyone and not pay them. Get Real!! Slade, go get a better girl, you can do it. Admit it, it's the make up and it's not helping that much anymore!! She once had it, but - it is GONE!


    Can somebody please kick heathers ass first then Tamara ??? PleAse.

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