Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Defend Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere

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Between K. Michelle and the drama between Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust, the debut of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was certainly controversial.

The VH1 show's inaugural episode left Stevie J and Joseline on the defensive after their questionable relationship was exposed thanks to artist Karlie Redd.

"I f**k minds not anything else. Let the hating begin!!," producer Stevie J said.

Redd said the two were a couple in front of Stevie J's baby mama, and girlfriend, Mimi Faust. Ouch. Still, Stevie says people need to give him a chance.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

"It's only the 1st episode ladies geez! I'm the good guy," Stevie J wrote on Twitter. "I lie because i dont wanna hurt her. Most guys feel the same way."

"I'll take all of the cussing, fussing, arguing for my love!"

While Stevie J is apologetic, Joseline is on the defensive regarding her past (as a stripper) and her love life. According to Hernandez, a woman's gotta get paid.

"Yes I (used) to Dance so f**king what b***hes. All y'all ni***s payed me and y'all daddy's n brothers," Joseline said of viewers criticizing her background.

"Please guys is all about that check understand life or u will be broke 4 ever," she said, adding of her co-star, "Lol Stevie J is every1's man so please!! Not just mines ... I'm not gready I share!!! who wants him?! he will put u on 2!!"

"Blah blah blah. Keep on watching me on Love and HipHop Atlanta. Lmao im ready for the world!! I already won. I am an artist f**k what u heard."

Consider yourselves up to date.


Mimi mimi mimi....I can't Believe you don't realize that you look like a complete try to play off like your such a bad ass bitch and your not your a dumb bitch...the best bet for you would be to just stay out of the public eye and stop embarrassing yourself but you won't cause your just as desperate and hungry to be on tv like those other bitches that stevie is fucking...your one of them mimi...stop kidding yourself baby girl....


I love me some JOSELINA. She came up from dirt, she had the courage to utilize her surroundings to get away from that filth. Yo, it’s a kill or be killed world and when shits hard, you have to use what your mama gave you, literally. She wasn’t given much and that’s what she worked with. Deep down, deep down, I know she ain’t that bad.. so many scenes of character, like approaching Mimi to apologize for taking her man; “I‘m sorry Mimi, a b**** got to do what a b**** got to do. I feel bad dough� crying her eyes out, “she ain’t going back to stripping. The girls trying!, she’s the realist B**** in that show…Go Joselina am with you one hundred….,


TRú�ý THë $Hôw í$ â këëþëR!! mý FâVôRíTë çHâRâçTëR í$ ôF çôúR$ë Jôçë�ýÑ. �â�íë$ Tâkë ÑôTë$!! âÑ� í þRômí$ë ýôú ýâ wí�� $Tôþ TâkíÑg �ô$$ë$. ♡♡♡


Mimi is so so pathetic, Please v-h1 beef her up,,, she is the only person on the show that doesnt have a backbone. She let her friends and stevie J tell her all that crap about what he's doing (she already know)and talk mad sh** she is so freaking weak. Mimi i know he aint that damn good in bed come on now! You gone have a lot more problems wit him because he has millions of women wanting to get with Mr. Wonderman ugh!!!!!


Stevie J is has been looking to get attention. The loser women are as important as a flavor of love contestant. Come on vh1 step it up.


I love "LOVE & HIPHOP" Stevie J is a dog, but so wat!! them hoes kno wat they getting themselves into, CLEARLY he dnt give a fuk!! Ha! I love me sum Stevie J...... Joseline is a bad bitch! She aint wrong, the bitch had to get it, n if she chose stripping then $O WAT!! Mimi is a dumb bitch, i mean, i like her n all but bitch u know wat it us, sit back n chill, collect them $ducket$, n stop crying over something u been going thru for more than 10 yrs.....the nigga aint tryna change so except it n stack it or move around! DAMN!!! K.Michelle is kool, Raheeda n her husband , i like them! Karlie is a NON MUTHA FUKN FACTOR, Mama Dee is MY FAVORITE!!! (how the fuk u gon' pimp a pimp) HA! & Scrappy n Erica! SMH.....Scrappy, u coulda got a badder bitch! Shay lok lik muffy gon wild off "Arthur" anywho....... im enjoying seeing u mfas on the flat screens!!!


These bitches have major issues.. Mimi need to get some heart, and Stevie J. ass will get in check but until then he gone continue to disrespect her. By the same token Mimi is well aware that comes with the territory, however I think he need some guidance; Joseline extra slow ass should be in check and she not. Next week is going to be a trip let's see how he plan to trash her career. LOL for threatening his family..


All these bitches are dumb the only one i respect is Rasheeda cuz she bout her bread not chasing dick! Jocelyn dumb as fuck for killin her baby for bum ass stevie and mim shoulda left his ass long ago. And k.michelle so call starting from scratch but already caught up in some new bullshit some bitches dont learn and scrappy are u fareal u gonna leave ericaa for a bitch that was chasin flavor flavs ass wow im done!!! Where they do that at?? Only in atl


Joseline is not a man. people are haters.. she Pissed on a stick... stevie j went with her to get an abortion. you can't fake an abortion. mimi was stupid for staying with him. The show is pretty good and I will keep watching them act a fool.


I Luv the show its very ENTERTAINING.