Star Jones: Pushing Basketball Wives Boycott Over Jennifer Williams-Al Reynolds Relationship?

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A petition boycotting Basketball Wives and its many violent outbursts has garnered major support even as the show is reportedly being turned into a movie.

The creator of the petition, which targets Evelyn Lozada and her bullying ways, writes, "The violence on 'Basketball Wives' is horrible and disgraceful."

"Physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, and harassment. VH1 is rewarding this behavior by giving Evelyn a spinoff. Don't reward negative behavior."

One rumor going around is that Star Jones is behind the boycott. Why?

Star Jones and Al Reynolds
Jennifer Williams Pic

Star's ex-husband, Al Reynolds, has been on the show lately, given his relationship with Jennifer Williams, something Jones probably doesn't appreciate.

Her vocal opinion about the show is not positive, but Star denies starting the Basketball Wives boycott campaign or even supporting it with her critiques.

"I was never encouraging anybody to boycott somebody's job," she said.

"That's not what I'm about. It just struck me really, really to the core that young girls were watching his example of women on TV and getting their self image."

Of course, Jones admits that she began talking about the boycott and the VH1 show's negativity on her social media accounts in hopes of fostering discussion.

It's unclear if this played a role in getting three Basketball Wives stars fired.



Star......please do the entire universe a favor "" fall off of it "" no1 will miss u
>>go 2 the island 4 scorned women ..... call Terry McMillan she's had the same experience as u


Star you are the last one that should say anything about bullying as much as you tried to indirectly bully those women on celebrity apprentice she did a lot of GRIMEY stuff on that show to please Donald(Comb Over) Trump how in the hell she did not Al Reynolds was gay Jen and Al knew each other in college Star you are a bitter old bitch and you still want to stay rellavent to the spot light A ex is a ex for a reason but my wish they had a episode that NeNe had slapped the shit out of you


Star please get your life


go sit your ass down star jones he gay and your divorce. get life star jones


I agree dont flatter yourself and older women this is an embarassment to older divorced single moms im sure their own kids r embarassed to acknowledge that its their moms on that show which if true is ur answer to their influence....pure shame! just goes to show Age does not equal wisdom or growth its just a number.


This show only makes older women look bad it does nothing for me other than feel glad im not their age. I c older chicks n denial of their age acting worse than some 20yr olds. These women have teenagers but it doesnt stop them from bein horrible role models. It just makes older women look like pathetic underacheivers who need role models themselves. Their examples of what not 2 b and they get laughed at more than anything for their foolishness.


I thought Al had come out of the closet, he might be jennifer's gay husband.


Can't stand star jones. No need to boycott that show,it's a piece of crap that I never watch anyway!!


Young women is she serious? Then petition to boycott Oxygen's Bad Girls Club, thats a show "Young" girls watch which promotes bad behavior, sex and bullying. Girls of all races in their 2o's and younger watch that show. Women who r n there late 30's n 40's (where the show is catered to there age bracket) with no man no life,probably divorced or got a loser man watch BBW and will always give it ratings cuz they like drama which is why their single. Women with REAL lives r with their men spending quality time with them or sleepn. If SJ really cared about young girl other shows shoulda been on that list. knock it off it was about Al being on the show. Funny NO ONE euen talks about the BGC show. Its been on 4 over 4yrs with a young strong fan base oh i 4got old ass women dont watch that show. What a joke dont even talk about influencing young girls r deadbeat desperate moms already did that job like tami 2 her girls and many more who watch these shows.

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