Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, Wife of Miami Heat Star, Arrested on Child Abduction Charges

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Dwyane Wade is currently battling the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals.

But the elite shooting guard was faced with an obstacle far greater than guarding Kevin Durant this weekend, when his estranged ex-wife attempted to kidnap the former couple's two children.

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A rep for the Cook County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was arrested for allegedly trying to abduct the boys, saying in a statement:

"Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest."

She posted $10,000 bond and will appear in court again this August.

Dwyane - who is dating actress Gabrielle Union - has legal custody of the children and will reportedly use this incident to limit Siohvaughn's visitation rights, considering it's not even her first foray into seriously shady behavior.

In the past couple years, Siohvaughn has sued Union for causing emotional distress and also accused Wade of giving her a STD.

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If Wade FILED for divorce back in 2007, and didn't start dating Union until 2009 what's the problem?! That part of it seems legit. We don't know the whole story behind the family dynamics but he is a man with great resources and had been with his wife since 15, I would think he would want his children to have BOTH parents who love them and are for them..a child needs their mother and I hope they can come to some middle ground and put the kids first. Is the ex bitter? I'm sure she is, isn't anyone who doesn't want a relationship to end, but we don't know why and to blame someone who came along 2 years AFTER he filed is ridiculous...yes I know they didn't divorce until 2010 but he originally filed back in 07. Anyway put the kids first y'all :) give them both parents :)


I am so tired of bitter women using children as pawns in their already broken relationships, which is what separated and openly seeing other ppl is. At the end of it all she has to be a strong black woman and role model for her children, parents are the first teachers, stop being childish going tit for tat cause it doesn't prove or stop anything but how immature you are. She has to answer and live with her actions, kids don't mean forever with the man and can't fix grown ppls problems. Get a spine! Live your life. Spoken from a single mother!


I am so tired of bitter women using their children as pawns in there already broken relationships with they "baby's daddys" . If your relationship was already done with, which is what separation and openly dating other ppl is, accept it and move on, woman be grown and stop being childish going tit for tat, at the end of the day she has to live with her actions and answer for them, be a strong black woman and role model for her kids. All the kids deserve is love, support and happiness. Get a spine! Just because u have kids with someone doesn't mean you stay with that orguar, things change


Wade needs to get off his high horse and stop bashing or pressing charges on his ex!! At the end of the day that is still there mother and who GOD gave to both of you!!! Of course she may still be hurting after all being with Wade since the age of 15, when he had nothing and Gabrielle would not have looked his way. But money changes people and authorities. Look Wade got a divorce first and the judge had not made a decision on assets or custody, rarely heard of unless you have money. GOD chose both of you for their parents and anybody else you put in that place is who you choose. You knew what you had before the divorce, however I do feel you both are going overboard bashing each other, it only hurts the kids. Believe me once they get older they will read both of you and remember all of your negative comments, I am a product of that! Raised by my beautiful father and heard enough lies about my beautiful mother. When you get older no one has to tell you, you can see the truth!!!!


This man said this about his ex-wife. " Wade says. "To have a person who believes in you so much and a child with a light in his eyes gave me the foundation I needed to flourish.
"My wife and son are invaluable to me. She inspires me, and our marriage has helped me mature and be responsible." Sadly it's not about him but her kids, she's very relgious and very family oriented since they first met. She doesn't deserve this treatment and smear campaign just so he can upgrade to the side-mess. So sad like father like son. Read the bible Mr. Religious, about the wife of your youth. At least respect her love for the kids she took care of the kids while you were on the road. You don't fool me.


Obviously Siovaughn is hurt and bitter towards Dwyane for filing for divorce and moving on with Gabrielle Union. She probably feels betrayed because she was there before all the glitz and glamour and things did not work out between them after he went pro. I wish Siovaughn will quit all this foolishness and get her self together. I understand she is hurt, but don't lose custody of your children behind ignorance. It is what it is. If he wants to be with Gabrielle Union let him be happy! I wish you the best Siovaughn! Be Blessed and focus on your two kids!


Siohvaughn? Really??? Wth...


APPARENTLY it didnt work.....Heat won lol


She must have money on the Thunder lol. What better way to distract a key player....