Gabrielle Union: Dating Dwyane Wade, Sued By His Wife For Heavy Petting in Front of Sons

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The estranged wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade is suing his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, claiming she “engaged in sexual foreplay” in front of Wade’s sons.

She says Union is "inflicting emotional distress" by her actions.

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This could get uglier than FlashForward's recent ratings or the Miami Heat's performance in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Celtics.

Siohvaughn Wade has upped the stakes in their ongoing nasty divorce, asserting that actress Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade" in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons at his Miami home.

In addition to the emotionally distressing groping, Siohvaughn also says Dwayne allowed his 8-year-old to play unsupervised around the pool at night.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been seen out and about in the Miami area many times lately, having quietly started dating as he’s divorcing Siohvaughn.

The lawsuit filed by Mrs. Wade (maiden name Siohvaughn Funches) also claims:

  • That D-Wade’s 8-year-old son told a court appointed representative to put his father in jail so he wouldn’t have to go back to his house and that he calls the home, the house "where the woman kissing daddy lives.”
  • That Wade’s 2-year-old nearly drowned while Dwyane was taking care of him.
  • That he introduced Gabrielle Union to his sons as his girlfriend and told the young boys “that is why your mom and I are going to divorce.”
  • The 8-year-old has suffered so much anxiety that he has lost hair and has bald spots and must undergo court-ordered mental evaluations.

We have no idea if any of that's true ... or if she got that STD from Dwyane as she alleged the last time we heard from ol' Siohvaughn. Stay tuned.


its not how God intended families to be. God intended them to STAY together unless there is real abuse or other extreme circumstances. But we throw away or wives and husbands like they have no worth and it is killing our kids, let alone the betrayed spouses. We have removed true Christian principles from everything and look where we are now. We are a nation full of perverts, kids w/o dads, selfish parents unlike ever before, full of lust, no shame, no moral standards, everything is to get and keep that man/woman, we dress slutty now, we move boyfriends and girlfriends in our homes and often they mistreat our kids, and the list of lying immoral people goes on and on. America used to have some moral standards, she used to fear a holy God, but not anymore. The poor kids, its truly sad.


There is always a problem when you love a woman, marry her, have children, then decide to move on with someone younger. You flaunt the woman without compassion or regard for your kids, then you treat the ex like trash if she gets crazy. She is fighting for her family, so she will likely act with violence. Sure there needs to be boundaries and self control, but you are talking about ruined lives here. He could have left her and told her she needed counseling for how she talks to and treats him IF that was truly an issue. Acting like you put your kids first, then kissing on a woman round your kids is seen as abnormal and wrong to the kids BECAUSE IT IS. Just bc its beautiful Gabby doesnt make it right. Just bc she is beautiful n plays friendly fun characters in movies that means she is not an adulteress? NO WAY. Just bc he play ball good, that makes him on the right? NO WAY. Not saying the wife is in the right, but sure can sympathies with her, maybe she isnt as crazy as HE portrays her to be. Divorce and new girlfriends/boyfriends DO TRAUMATIZE THE KIDS FLAT OUT. We try to powder and white wash it down bc it makes us feel guilty, but screw that. America is full of disloyal, full of lust celebrities that abandon their families for some young pretty woman, those are out kids "role models" unfortunately. Sure his x is mad, she should be. She loves her husband, wanted to save her marriage and has been betrayed. Its like a death. People quit making excuses for broken families, it hurts, it does damage and its now how God intended for families to be.

@ jkra

Any time there is a separation in a marriage it hurts the ex, but mostly our children. To all the parties involved, think about what commitments we are teaching our children to honor. I say to the ex, hang in there. In my eyes, there's nothing more precious than a marriage.


We dony know these ppl , so we cant say whos good or whos bad....the ex has a right to be hurt...this man has moved on with his life only to leave her with kidz.....these ppl r rich they couldnt give a f*** about how we feel.


D Wade and Gabby should take it to another level and screw is X for causing problems because she does not know how to treat a man. D Wade is a good man. D Wade is a real man and from a 63 year old father I see a lot of good coming from this basketball legend.


live ur life any stop putting ppl down




Well first of all he was married and not yet divorce, since in his divorce papers he wants everything so squeaky clean. I feel no woman should get that involved when another woman children are involved. His first wife was with him when he had "nothing". Gabrielle would not have given him a second look. Wade knew what he was "marrying"!!! She wasn't too crazy then, but then money and fame change people and who they know. In the end only GOD can judge, the rights and wrong are right there in the bible for us all to see, regardless of how cute they look together!


I think many of the comments are written without first-hand knowledge. All we have is what we read. We don't know his situation within his marriage. Sometimes people get married right out of high school because a child is involved. That's not a foundation to start a marriage. I think we should leave our judgments to ourselves and pray for a peaceful resolution of the situation for the sake of all involved.


I love both Union and Wade and i feel like if he did cheat he was wrong but if u not happy where u at there no need to stay but remeber that i was here from the start so dont forget about us bc when u didnt have nuttin i was right there if she was jus sayin but i think Union and Wade deserve to be happy and i hope that they are happy and for the ex wife i hope down the line when u get over this u become happy to for u kids safe bc as long as u sad and hate there dad they will be sad n hate there dad to n thats a big No All yall keep yall heads up and Wade im count on u and James to take it all the way BABy Juicey V out


Gabriell and Dwayne wade make a great couple

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