Shenae Grimes on America: So Much Prejudice!

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Miley Cyrus, you have a famous partner in your crusade on behalf of gay marriage and equal rights.

At a press conference Sunday for the 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards, Shane Grimes touched on a number of topics, from her career to her mother's comfortable couch to her feelings on Canadian values/laws versus those in America.

Regarding the latter, this 90210 actress expressed absolute shock over the "prejudice" in the United States and how she's her proudest moment as Toronto native took place when she moved to Los Angeles and realized just how far behind the times many can be in this country.

Will she get in trouble for such pointed remarks? Or will she gain a newfound level of respect for her honesty and open-mindedness toward all religions, races and sexual orientations? Watch the interview and decide for yourself:

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First of all, who the hell is Shenae Grimes? I mean seriously I have no idea who she is...Oh, I know just another celeb jumping on the gay bandwagon so people will recognize her.


Have you seen telemundo,dam those latin women are the hottest on tv.Even if i cannot understand them.


How about respecting the country you're making a great living in, and shutting the hell up. It's bad enough, the damn producers, hired you, instead of an American born actress.


Kim is middle eastern,what?Shes hot but i wouldnt do her she likes black dudes.Beyonce mixed.Eva is american.


For instance Beyonce,Jlo,eva longoria,kim k whos arabic-middle eastern.Stop the judgement.


Everyone knows being gay is no choice.Who cares what color a persons skin is. There are goodlooking faces in every race.


Not sure where you got black gay hispanic from, or why haha.but why don't you bitch at maybe the one who brought the stats up, no the one whose one sentence comment only said "I agree raandy, not pally." Haha.mann.


Canadians are not all white and according to our 2010 census 10percent are homosexual.Thats huge number.


example popular bornCanadian singer D Cox is seen as Canadian singer here but USA shes classified RB black artist cuz skin color


Im4th generation mex-american and i agree racism is prevelent still.I deal with racism all the time.Im not wht enough-or blk enough.