Sean Lowe: Nicest Bachelorette Contestant Ever?

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The Bachelorette contestant Sean Lowe may be the nicest guy ever.

Some new info about his life outside the reality show has been revealed, and unlike most of The Bachelorette spoilers you read in mid-season, it doesn't involve a breakup, a scandal, being on the show for the wrong reasons or anything like that.

On the contrary, it will simply make viewers love him even more.

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According to Reality Steve, last summer, two high school friends in Sean's native Texas were both patients at Dallas Childrens Hospital and passed away tragically.

Both sets of parents had said that their daughters' favorite show was The Bachelor, so all of their friends, now college freshmen, get together to watch it.

At their parties centered around the show, they remember their friends and talk about the children's hospital charity they're all involved in and so on.

This week, Sean Lowe, who lives in Dallas, paid them a visit.

No camera crews, no media. Completely spontaneous. He can be seen on his Twitter wearing wristbands in honor of the two girls who passed away.

Moreover, on June 13, he corresponded with Lauren Scruggs, the Dallas model that lost her left hand and one of her eyes in a helicopter accident.

He reportedly joined Lauren at her rehab appointment that day, to show support.

Details are scarce because he did all of this without seeking any sort of notoriety, but long story short ... Sean Lowe may be the nicest human being ever.

Think about it, Emily Maynard. Think about it!


Ratings will sky rocket if they take Sean as the bachelor. He is so different from most of the contestants on that show. A combination of nice guy and fabulous looks is rare. I'm certain the casting experts at ABC will come to the same conclusion and Sean will be the next bachelor


One thing we can pretty much come to the conclusion about is..Emily is not smart. If she was she would have graduated from college..have a good job (other than the one provided by her gravy train) and have a larger vocabulary than um...ya know! Sean on the other hand is a very intelligent and classy man. Eventually the difference in their intelligence would have become a barrier in their relationship. He was meant for someone who is far more intelligent and genuine than Emily. It was a blessing in disguise that she sent him home.


I'll marry you Sean! I'm single!


I agree with you Terry. It would be great to watch such an incredible guy like Sean on the Bachelor. He deserves a great woman as great as he is. I was rooting for him on the Bachelorette but I'm guessing there's someone out there that is much more perfect for him than Emily!


I'm so sorry Sean she made a big mistake it should have been you I don't get it .best of luck Sean don't let it get you down you will find true love like your dad hang in there


I so agree Sean is too good for Emily! Sean's family seemed like a great family with lots of love to share, hope Sean gets a woman that deserves him and I don't think it's Emily, she is spoiled!


Horribly written piece - Lord have mercy. So sloppy and so immature.
Sounds like Sean's high school friends passed away at a children's hospital --- doesn't make sense - forget to mention that probably it was his high school friends' children. And, it's "a Dallas model WHO..." not "that" - genius. Use "who" in reference to people, "that' in reference to things/animals. Grow up and get an AP Style Guide - learn to write like a professional, not a giddy teenager.


I don't want her to pick Sean. He's too nice for her. I want him to
be the next Bachelor and find a really nice girl.


Emily Maynard plays the loving wholesome,sweet girl from Charlotte.
No doubt she is sweet but she is looking for money simply because
she comes from it. I personally don't think she will end up with
anyone from the show unless it's the host that says they are dating.
Afterall he has money yes? Who care she has surgery on her face.
If I had money there would things I would fix too.


In response to the comments made by Erin about wanting a challenge and nice is boring, nice is forever! Take this from someone who's been msrried many, many years. Challenging is just that. . . A challenge! I would think after losing her fiance and the father to her child in a plane wreck that she's had enough challenges! My dear Erin, spoken like the complete and utter child that you are who has not been there or done that!

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