Scott Disick Admits to "A-hole" Tendencies, Couples Therapy

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Oprah Winfrey interviewed Scott Disick last night. We'll give fans of the iconic talk show host a few moments to let that disturbing fact sink in...

The reality star/douchebag was rather frank about his past behavior, however, sitting alongside Kourtney Kardashian and telling viewers:

"I can't ever take back the things I've said or done to anybody. Making Kourtney cry one, two or a million times [was the most disturbing thing I've done on camera]. I'm not claiming I'm not an a--hole at all, I'm just saying, I definitely have some a--hole tendencies."

Kourtney went on to say how proud she is off Scott, how great a father he is to Mason and how therapy has helped the couple overcome its problems.

The interview, of course, was one of a number Winfrey conducted with the world's most famous/least talented family. Among other exchanges:


I love Scott. "cuz he is so honest!" Reason for this Comment:Scott is a reincarnation of Al Bundy, from "Married with children". Scott is a hoot! Love, Sharron, in Tempe AZ.


Kim denied that the wedding was a publicity stunt... welll then...
how come she scheduled a trip to Dubai (she had 6mths from the engagement to the wedding to reschedule) just 2 days after the wedding. Then they had the 2 days with cameras in toes...what woman in love does that. Then back in NY they lived with sister, bro, and baby..what woman newly wed and in love does that? Then she did not even try for counseling to fix the marriage... what woman in love does that. SHe is in love YES.. The love of money. andthe televied wedding brought alot of money. MB


Compared to Kris Humphries, who is both a jerk and dumb as a post, Scott is a saint--but in the most recent episode he has started returning to his old dick-ish self. Shape up, Scott! I confess that the Kardashian-Jenners are my guilty pleasure. I get a huge kick out of them and always watch their shows--including the 2-part Oprah interview. But I have a real life--this is entertainment, folks, I don't get the intense animosity. This family has created an empire out of nothing--and I for one really admire them for that!


All of them sold their souls to the devil.

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