Meghan McCain on Marijuana: Legalize It!

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Meghan McCain enjoys the occasional joint, but that's not the reason she thinks it should be legal, though, as she explained on The Tonight Show.

In her new book America, You Sexy Bitch, McCain devotes an entire section advocating for the legalization of pot on numerous grounds.

"I was living in Los Angeles last year, and I was shocked at how people smoke weed the way people in New York pour wine," she said.

"Once I started doing research onto the potential economic benefits for our country by decriminalizing marijuana, I decided to come out publicly in support of it."

The daughter of John McCain repeated her comments on The View Wednesday morning, adding that she's "not a cannabis user ... frequently."

When Barbara Walters quipped that her "father's going to be so proud," Meghan McCain responded, "He knows everything ... and he loves me."

The discussion prompted Elisabeth Hasselbeck to suggest a breathalizer-style system for testing pot users' levels of intoxication before they drive.

Sherri Shepherd's response: "You don't leave the house when you're high."

McCain went on to name her preferred running mate for Mitt Romney - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie - and lament the lack of moderates in the GOP.


so beautiful pic


Research on the potential economic benifits? Tell me- how much for your soul? Educated idiots.


@Barbara Hey,yeah, I agree with Pally, Barbara. School's out for the summer! Lighten up on the spelling and grammar. The very essence of writing is always content.


Once marijuana is legal, then plain old hemp will be legal too! Millions of new jobs, new food, a reborn textile industry, excellent biofuel... it would be the absolute BEST thing fro america (the United States of America).


At least the govt can collect taxes on it. Can regulate it's quality and the cost will go way down.
Should be like buying beer. Health problems are a lot less than alcohol. I will love living in a state where
Marijuana is legal but you can't get a big gulp or have sex in a parked car.


pally..........American is with A CAPITAL A, didnt is spelled didn't, wont is spelled won't, fourms is spelled forums,too should be spelled to. WHAT ARE YOU ON??????


They should definitely legalize marijuana lol


america didnt learn anything from prohibition it didnt work then and it hasnt and wont work now legalize the weed fourms of drugs make money off them use the money you make and save to control the hard drugs for as long as you can us loser humans love too get high on something.

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