Kim Kardashian Nude Twit Pic: Actually Amia Miley!

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Let's be clear: Kim Kardashian nude is not exactly an unusual sight on the Internet.

Heck, we have an entire album filled with this reality star's Playboy photos. Then, there was that time she posed naked for W... oh, and also for Harper's Bazaar.

But a Tweeted photo that has been circulating around the Web today - and appears to be just the latest example of Kardashian baring pretty much all - has now been debunked: as similar looking at the following birthday-suited woman may be, this is NOT Kim Kardashian.

Naked Kim Kardashian Pic?

The Twit pic - which is actually of model Amia Miley - was originally believed to have been posted by Kanye West, but the rapper's camp quickly shot down that rumor with a statement to E! News.

"This is obviously the desperate, sad act of someone seeking to gain media exposure by exploiting Kanye's notoriety. Kanye doesn't even know this person, has never seen this picture, and hasn't been on his Twitter account for a day. It's a shame that in our media culture, the rampant spread of this kind of irresponsible 'reporting' occurs with such regularity and with such impunity."

Seriously. How dare Internet users think someone would Tweet an image of Kim Kardashian in the buff? From where would they get this crazy notion?!?

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Kim Kardashian Nude Twit Pic: Actually Amia Miley!
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For me thats not her, she got a big butt than that


Dam Konyeah West is a bad bad boy Motha Fucka i would shoot his ass if he did that to me.


Jesus! Her ass looks like an small Jupiter Satellite!

Avatar can hella tell thats NOT kim....for 1 kim is not that thin N is not that tanned....a lot more prettier woman out there who carry this ASSett....eventually kim will no longer be the one whom everyone talks about....


Kim wishes her backside/body
looked this good.
Whoever it is,..
Shes a small girl.


The porn star's butt was real flat. Don't think it's her. They are trying to cover the fact Kim has butt injection incisions on her lower back. Saying it was the porn star's pierces there.


For being so skinny, this chick has the BIGGEST ASS IN THE WORLD!! It's not even in the "booty" category! IT IS AN ASS and IT'S GROSS!!!!


OK people its alleged that Kanye leak this pick if its actually Amia Miley then its safe to say Kanye is getting the best of both worlds


So many hippo butts around, and a lot of these women have black hair, Kim has to get a tattoo on her back, a giant $, coated in real gold chips, so we can tell when it's her.