Johnny Depp to Pay Vanessa Paradis $150 Million in "Amicable" Settlement

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Johnny Depp is ready to pay Vanessa Paradis a massive amount as a good faith gesture and to keep their separation amicable, according to reports.

Though they were never married, the actor is prepared to give his partner of 14 years an out-of-court settlement in excess of $150 million.

Depp and Paradis separated this week, but are determined to keep the already difficult breakup amicable. A nine-figure check can't hurt.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis Picture

As the couple weren't married, negotiations over financial support could be complicated, according to legal experts ... which is why it just won't happen.

Call it the opposite of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian.

Depp harbors no ill will toward Paradis and wants to avoid legal wrangling. Said an insider: "he will make a generous lump sum payment as a settlement."

French singer Paradis is also expected to retain ownership of a house in Plan-de-la-Tour in southern France, leaving Depp with his Hollywood Hills home.

They have two children together - Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 10.



I hate breakups
..and when children are involved is hard but they'll understand when they re old enough that relationships suck these days..Vanessa is a star in France
.she does not need his bucks just maybe have him confess what an ass he is A gorgeous and passionate young gal like her ..shame on u Johnny
.that Amber has no class
.and she's a dike
.get a you Vanessa be strong.


Jo, get yourself out of the gutter--


jo...he's fearfull not his fearful...sally...heroin not heroine...confidentialplaya...what a pretentious moniker! And no I don't think she will ask for child support- looks like you got some baggage of your own though. Learn how to speak people, then maybe criticise. Those opinions are total bs.


I think its great that he is leaving her this large sum of money. I just hope that she doesnt turn around and be a bitch and want to get $50,000 a month for child support 4 each kid.


God knows how many heroine binges and alcohol comas shes had to nurse him from. Plus she had and raised his 2 only kids. Plus she turned a blind eye to all the cheating rumors. 15 years is 2 lifetimes for celebrities. Glad he is giving her her dues. JOHNNYs ALRIGHT!


I agree that some women get w stars just to get a settlement. However, after 14 yrs and 2 kids, she deserves it and would have been entitled to it if they had been married, which is just a legal paper anyway.


So what who cares


Lazy ass women?! Who do you think raised his children while he was out making movies? Jo, you are delusional, and clearly jealous.


Amazing how lazy ass women get that kind of money for spreading their legs. He must have lots of secrets his fearful of getting out.

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