Janice Dickinson on John Travolta Sex Scandal: Lighten Up, Queens!

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Outspoken supermodel Janice Dickinson loves her some John Travolta.

“I worship John Travolta,” the 57-year-old says of the A-list actor who has found himself embroiled in an ongoing, humiliating sex scandal.

Travolta, whose former pilot Doug Gotterba says they were lovers in the 1980s, has been hammered with one accusation after another this spring.

Dickinson isn't buying it.

Janice Dickinson Photograph
John Travolta Press Conference

Janice defends her longtime friend, saying, “If some queens took something the wrong way in a massage parlor, that’s their f*%king fault!”

“I am not outing him,” she said when told about Carrie Fisher saying everyone knows John Travolta is gay, and sang his praises instead.

“He is a legend; he is iconic. When Kelly was delivering their baby, he was in the room giving her what she wanted. He provides for her,” Janice says.

Janice, notably, would not say if she thinks Travolta is gay or not. With her trademark colorful language, she says just live and let live, people.

“If you want to f*%k a chicken, go f*%k a chicken,” advises Janice.

Words to live by right there, if ever we've heard them.

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cant a man love cock and not be judges cant a man love cock and not be judged. Hipocrites live everywhere and John is a first class one. Imagine living all these years with
the secrets he has. This is a total SHAME!! His poor wife. /


Actually Janice, you dumb fucking whore, screwing a chicken would be animal abuse and perversion - and it's probably illegal in most states. What a moronic comment.


Gee, I am so glad we live in an "enlightened" society! (wink, wink) We don't really have much else to worry about except who is gay, bi, straight or anything else. What a place to live!


Janice is an old frog


Janice Dickinson is so BIPOLAR!!!!! From what I've read about her and seen on TV over the years, people clearly HATE working with her and other celebrities BARELY tolerate her. And, I actually cannot believe that Travolta is even remotely friends with nut-job Janice. I remember when Janice and Omarosa (another BITCH) were on VH-1's The Surreal Life. Janice and Omarosa clashed and butted heads 24/7. Bottom Line: The older that Janice gets, the EVEN CRAZIER that she gets!!!!!


Looks like this reporter found recordings of one of the massage sessions lol Watch--->youtu.be/JC5vlqK8Bf8


Can't a man get a massage and some cock without everyone judging me??


Janice is an old old fag hag, so it makes sense that this beast who is so hated by straight men would be supportive of butt pirate rapists. Remember when Janice was on that reality show and she was throwing herself at that baseball player and he wouldn't even touch her for free. Why?? because she looks like a fossil!!


Jawny that wont what ur sayin last nite. Shoved my long hard black pirate in ur mouth anythang 2 get u 2 stop singin o canada. Ur the biggest butt pirate for reals.


u two idiots need to grow up how the fuck do u know if hes gay oh thats right u dont u sit there and judge this man without knowing him smfh how about I stalk ur page site whatever and say u like it up the ass or ur a rapist that shit wouldnt be funny so leave that man alone an worry about ur own skeletons in ur closets

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