Hoda Kotb to Replace Ann Curry on Today?

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Ann Curry is nearly out.

Might Hoda Kotb be in?

With The Today Show on the verge of an anchor change, and with Meredith Vieira having turned down an offer to return, insiders tell Radar Online that Kotb may be getting the replacement call.

Hoda Kotb Picture

“Hoda scores off the charts in focus groups, and the audience can relate to her,” says the source of The Today Show's fourth hour co-host.

The long-running program is desperate to hold off Good Morning America, which has overtaken it in the ratings this spring. But would Kathie Lee's wine-drinking cohort really be the answer? Vote now:

Do you want to see Hoda Kotb replace Ann Curry?

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WHO????? Who is this person????


Only place Hoda nd Kathy need to go is BETTY FORD REHAB ----- such an embarrassment to the network


Matt Lauer was a delight to watch until he got too big for the show and himself. Frankly, i would not have believed the rumors of affairs but there was a time when Erin Burnett was on the show co hosting with Matt and the flirting was undeniably clear. Anne replaced Merideth Viera and it's only been a year. A transition period should have been alloted. It was unfair for NBC to blamed the entire fallen ratings on Anne. If Matt is key to the success of the show, then why does it matter that much to have such dynamic co-host?


fdom..Hoda is Egyptian..a beautiful lady!!


Lori, Debra Norville is not nice. So good choice! Jane Pauley would be more interesting than this Savannah gal! It won't be the same without Ann!! Now if they'd can Matt!!


Unfortunately, Helen..it looks like we're gonna get the boring, Savannah. Go, Savannah..be a stay at home mommy with your kids..you can't have it all...and we don't want to be bored with you trying to have it all!!


GZ, Hoda has a damn good personality! Takes one to work with Kathie Lee!!


I wish it were Hoda vs. Savannah! Hoda is a classy lady!! I would love Regis to be on with Kathie Lee but in a different format..the 10:00 hour format typically sucks on Today show!


since you are cleaning house, get rid of that into himself Matt.


Why fire Ann Curry? Why Hoda? If you can get her drunk-ass to sober up long enough from all that liquor her and Kathy Lee go thru, maybe she would be half as credible as Ann Curry. I am sorry the later Today portion sucks. Especially Kathy Lee, I mean my god the lady asked how Martin Short's wife was doing and his wife had been dead for two years. If NBC needed to fire someone fire Kathy Lee.

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