Meredith Vieira Turns Down Today Show Offer

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We now know of one woman who will not be replacing Ann Curry on The Today Show.

TMZ reports that NBC sources actually reached out to former host Meredith Vieira - who left the gig last year - and made her an offer to return. But the reporter rebuffed the network and there's no official word yet on who will take over for Curry.

Meredith Vieira Image

Of course, there's no official word yet either that Curry is out, but insiders confirm Matt Lauer requested a new co-host when he signed a new contract with the program in April.

The frontrunner appears to be Savannah Guthrie, who co-hosts the third hour of Today. But we think it should be Kim Kardashian.

Just kidding.


I dont care who come and go i watching it from Katie was on she and Matt did hav chemistry also Merdith and Ann i dont know why NBC would want to do that anyway i will watch as long Matt and Al is on Al is realy joky


Uhhhhh..... If Kim Kardashian took Ann Curry's place, the ratings would be out the door! I love Kim Kardashian, and she would have millions watching her every move if she was on that show! Don't date Kanye Kim! Wake up and smell that black ass..... It stinks! Go Kim Kardashian!


I'd rather they replace Matt!! It's just plain time. I'd personally like someone fresh. Been there when he started.


Ann is the only reason i watch that show. If she leaves, i will too.


I completely agree with Lynne's comment. I adore Ann Curry(a lot more than I ever liked Meredith). Savannah is okay, but she's not anchor material and she is NOT better than Ann!


I love Ann Curry. The show will take a dive if she leaves, because her interviews are so down to earth and real. I'm surprised Matt would ask to replace her.