Bristol Palin: Saving Herself For Gino Paoletti, Marriage!

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Bristol Palin is saving herself for marriage, she says.

After she's already had a kid, but you know, live and learn. Despite seemingly being the worst-ever abstinence advocate for obvious reasons, she's determined to promote that cause, saying that being a teen mom was way too hard.

“My sister Willow is 17, and when I was her age, I was eight months pregnant, and I look at her and I think, ‘Holy cow, I was just a baby!’” she reflects.

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“I don’t care what your background is, it’s so hard.”

Now 21, Bristol Palin is determined to walk down the aisle before she even contemplates having another child - or even consummating relations with a man.

“Gino and I are going to wait until marriage,” she says of Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti, her boyfriend of several years. “I’m doing what’s best for me."

"It’s between me and God, and I know it’s right.”

Bristol, whose new reality show Life's a Tripp premiered this week to terrible reviews and ratings, beams when she says “I have the cutest kid in the world.”

On the flip side, “Since I have this platform, I want to use it for good ... I want to let girls know that this isn’t ideal, this isn’t fun, this isn’t easy.”

By pledging abstinence, Bristol Palin is ...


You people are so cruel or more like obnoxious assholes. Bristol is a great mom and does what she can to the best of abilities to support her son. I think as far as Gino goes their a great couple and he's a great father figure to Tripp. There's not many men out there that will step to the plate and be a father to someone else child. So all u haters back off and keep your mouths shut if you have nothing nice to say.


Run, Gino, run! Why don't your friends tell you the truth. Bristol is treating you like a jerk--all she wants is to us$$4e you as her babysitter and then once she finds someone she is more interested in, she will kick you out again. It looks like Trapper likes you more than Bristol does. She is very immature and self centered and cannot get Levi out of her head. She is just like her Mama Dingbat and carries grudges and likes to get even. Do you want to be treated like her Daddy--


What is she saving momma? havent had the talk with her yet?let me help you are a used car get it? your rubber has been spun all you got left is a valve stem you should get somephsychiatric help sarah are you sure todd is not your brother? This lady is a loon I don't see how she became governor must have done all the men in the state with a little or lots of help from her brood .wonder how piper is gonna turn out? Stay tuned won't be long now


Great for Tripp, Bristol is securing his future. The Palin family has scored big, good for them.


What have you got left to save gino is about as stupid as they come I think she's Put her whole tree trrunk in her mouth save myself what have you got left to save the whole thing is a scam please tll me your not going to wear white down the isle that would be the straw that puntured you uterus


Gino, trust your gut and RUN like hell! If Bristol is this darn controlling before she can get you to marry her, do you realize your life will definitely be one living hell.....RUN GINO!!!!
She is always sounding like she is begging you to ask her to marry her and she lets it be known several times she's not your sugar-mama. She is a typical sad Palin who "never" takes responsibility for their own actions, everything is always someone's fault. Too bad, Sarah never cared enough or took time to stay home and raise her daughters to be ladies!


I think she is a perfect role model for abstanence. She knows she made a mistake and she paid the consequences with becoming a single mom. Look at the smoking comercials where they shoe that lady that lost her hair, no teeth and has that talking device, do you find her hypocritical for being a no smoking advocate? All the haters are hypocritical themselves, because it is apolitical hatred. I think she is courageous for doing what she is doing, what she has done and I am sure what she will continue to accomplish no matter what hateful people say. In regards to the show, ithink this show is just like all the other reality tv shows. The reason this one has such bad press and doing bad is because she is a Palin. Her sister is annoyingly mean, but oh we'll she is young hopefully she will out grow her bratty self.


I don't understand why everyone has to be so negative. If you have nothing good to say why say anything. She is a young girl and you are bashing her and her family. Yes, you have the right to express your self but your bashng them for expressing theirs. They are not hateful people, they just have thier own views.


If it's between you & god Bristol then why don't you keep it there? You're a fake christian teaching your little kid to hate. Look at the poll. Everybody knows you're full of crap. Good riddance to your show. I think Lifetime is still keeping on just to embarrass you.


Terry and CC Austin are prime examples of "tolerant" liberals; liberals, who make hateful, demeaning and/or vile comments about women and their families, because they dare to live in a manner that is incompatible with their liberal values and politics; sick hypocrites. Disrespecting Bristol Palin because her mother is Sarah Palin is moronic. Bristol Palin just does what others her age would do under similar circumstances, but she does it to support her son.


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Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with -- this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family, which is dealing with this together.

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Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can't imagine life without him now.

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