Blake Lively Named New Face of Gucci Perfume

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Apparently Gossip Girl star Blake Lively smells as good as she looks. Or close.

Soon, we'll know for sure: She's the face of Gucci's fragrance Gucci Premiere!

"I admire the qualities of the Gucci Première woman and feel honored to represent the fragrance," the 24-year-old actress said in a statement Tuesday.

Lovely Blake Lively

"It is a pleasure to collaborate with [Gucci's creative director] Frida Giannini."

Giannini said: "In conceiving this fragrance I was inspired by timeless Hollywood glamour and the iconic leading ladies of Hollywood's golden era. Blake Lively's unique style and charisma brings that allure to life in a very contemporary way."

Gucci Premiere hits stores in the U.K. in July and worldwide in September.

Lively hits the big screen this summer in Oliver Stone's film Savages and the small screen this fall in Gossip Girl Season 6, the CW series' swan song.


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I think she is pretty, but because of surgery. I'm all for "natural beauty". With all the gorgeous women out there who HAVEN'T had surgery, it seems sad that someone like Blake gets covers of magazines and Gucci contracts. I'd rather see a real, bonafide born beauty. Just my opinion...


i love you, serena :-)