Alec Baldwin on Paparazzi Attack: I Was Provoked!

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Alec Baldwin is not denying it: he was involved in an altercation with a photographer from The Daily News yesterday morning.

But the actor did appear today on CBS This Morning and disputed any account that said he threw a punch or simply randomly attacked the reporter in question, Marcus Santos.

According to the 30 Rock actor, Santos started to come at him as he was exiting a courthouse and "almost hit me in the teeth with the lens of his camera." Yes, Baldwin admits to pushing Santos, but only because he was provoked.

Alec Baldwin on CBS This Morning

"People think I'm out there just decking photographers willy-nilly, nothing could be further from the truth," Baldwin said, adding that Santos had previously been camped out around his apartment.

A photographer who supposedly witnessed the incident, meanwhile, claims otherwise. He says Baldwin instigated the confrontation and Santos was already moving back at the time of the shove.


Baldwin I wonder how you would have reacted if the guy was 6ft 5in 275lbs you little piece of shit .


I think what he did was fine. People treat you how you let them, and he is not going to let them treat him that way any more ... Dont want none don't start none!?!


Something tells me it doesn't take much.


Provoked? If someone almost knocked him in the teeth with a camera, a reasonable person would STEP BACK to avoid contact.... not react with a violent outburst. He's been a celebrity long enough to know how to deal with an over-eager paparazzi. The idiot only made himself a BIGGER target now because now the paparazzi will be more than happy to push his buttons to get another outburst on tape.


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