Alec Baldwin Attack on Photographer: Caught on Camera!

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Alec Baldwin may be engaged to a yoga instructor, but the Emmy-winning actor has clearly not reached a state of perpetual zen.

The 30 Rock star flipped out on a Daily News camerman in New York City this morning, as the incident was actually caught on film by another Daily News photographer and reportedly immediately by the newspaper.

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin Photo

Here's what went down:

After picking up the necessary paperwork to go through with their impending nuptials, Baldwin - who was accompanied by fiancee Hilaria Thomas - got into an altercation with Marcus Santos outside the city's Marriage License Bureau.

According to the reporter, Baldwin ordered him to "step back," a request Santos claims he abided by. But the actor supposedly did not listen.

"He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me - one time, right in the chin. And then he started shoving me, and pushing me. Then he goes the other way," Santos says.

Baldwin did not deny an encounter took place, Tweeting not long afterward: A 'photographer' almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning.#allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded.

The legendary Saturday Night Live host is known as much for his anger as his sense of humor, of course.

He attacked a photographer outside his Central Park West apartment in 2010; was booted off a plane in December for playing Words with Friends; and will never fully live down an incident in 2007 when he blasted his 11-year old daughter as a "thoughtless little pig."


Time to retire this bad actor !! All Balwins suck!


Im sure half you people arent as cool as him; no much how gay you say he is he will die better than you!


Wait until he gets married and his wife pisses him of; you thought you heard some bad ranting and raving from Mel Gibson, watch Alec Baldwin. Baldwin is not only going to curse her out and talk bad about her he is going to hit her. People with tempers that bad can go off on anyone at anytime, they are walking time bombs.


Don't y'all remember???? Baldwin threatened to leave the US of A IF Bush was re-elected to a 2nd term? Weeellllllllll???????????? We're still waiting Alec--do you need help packing---or what?!? Hell, we couldn't be so lucky as to rid this nation of such a loud-mouthed loser lib-turd!!


Yes- This is the same Liberal hunk of shit that bad mouths Republicans- Tea Party and Romney! You Democrats must be so proud. It's great that most " Empty Soul" Celebrites are on your side. I couldn't bear the thought having such a superficial plastic self righteous individual with us! Yeah- we all need more Baldwins for sure. Keep'em coming.


There are dumasses for both parties, not just democrats. Case in point Rush Limbaugh.


Once again, we've been able to take a peek inside the Democrat tent, and what have we seen? Another character who is as unbalanced as he is hypocritical. Folks, ask yourself this question: what does it say about the Democratic Party that it attracts and welcomes the likes of Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher?

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