Witness Describes Alec Baldwin Assault, Says Actor Started It

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It's sad w the tabloid press. They attempt 2 provoke an incident + when it doesn't pan out, they say u did it anyway... #no1punchedany1

So Tweeted Alec Baldwin yesterday, hours after he got into it with a photographer in New York City, allegedly confronting the reporter for taking pictures of him and fiance Hilaria Thomas after they picked up a marriage license.

But while a witness at the scene agrees Baldwin didn't throw any punches, he does say the 30 Rock star was the instigator in the encounter.

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Says Goran Veljic, another photographer standing nearby at the time, to E! News of the two Daily News journalists involved in the dust-up:

"They were surprised when Alec came here. He started to push up his hands to talk nonverbal and pushed one of the photographers."

Was the Emmy winner at least provoked? No, according to Veljic.

"They are professional photographers, they moved back... I've never seen something like this."

Others have, of course. Just ask flight American Airlines flight attendants on Baldwin's flight last December. No charges have been filed against the star at this time.

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the press may make a good living off celeb's; but i think they are way out of control in ny, and no matter your position you need your own time and space.


Im certainly not defending Baldwin, hes an ass. BUT for that guy to say they were professional photographers, it makes me laugh. The paparazzi all probably think of themselves as professions and we have all seen them in a swarm rushing at people. So while it may be true in this case, it still sounds like bull