Zombie Apocalypse Averted? Bath Salts Ban Passes U.S. Senate

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In the wake of reports that bath salts may have played a role in Saturday's Miami zombie apocalypse attack, the U.S. Senate passed a bill to ban the substances.

Federal legislation criminalizing synthetic marijuana and some bath salts passed the Senate today and is now on its way to the House of Representatives.

The law was not passed as a result of the zombie apocalypse, but as part of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act, championed by Sen. Charles Schumer.

Eugene and Poppo

"Let this be a warning to those who make a profit manufacturing and selling killer chemical components to our teens and children," Schumer (D-NY) said.

"This bill closes loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to circumvent local and state bans," he said of the effort to ban "these deadly synthetic drugs."

Last Saturday, Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot dead by local police on the off-ramp of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami. He was eating another man's face.

As a police officer told Eugene to get off Ronald Poppo, he "just stood ... with pieces of flesh in his mouth and he growled," eyewitness Larry Vega said.

An ER doctor at the local Jackson Memorial Hospital told the Herald that Eugene's attack may have been brought on by psychosis caused by bath salts.

The extreme violence, super-human strength and an urge to shed clothes all correspond with reports of bath salt usage around the United States.

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I'm not saying bath salt isn't the reason for all this news we r hearing because I so believe it is but also on top of a mental illness n people not taking there medication while they do it..it just needs to stop I see it first hand every day n it make me sick.


hahahahaha i love how people are so dumb bathsalts is a street name for a drug that is nearly the same chemical make up of MDMA or XTC with a few molecules dropped here and there people are not smoking stuff you bathe in you moron wake up .....do you think every time someone smokes weed there smoking garden cuttings no? well why think that about bath salts then......and you wonder why your in the state your in im glad i dont live in america .....too many guns in too many dumb asses hands

@ annoymouse

I'm glad you don't live in America either you sound like a dumbass too. How do guns tie in with this?


these are not the bath salts you put in your bath.


ummm those are by no means white legs. & you all are a bunch of ignorant fucks if you can seriously consider the fact that "bathsalts" or any other chemically induced drug will be "OKAY" for anyone! Marijuana is a plant if you wanna get high go smoke it & maybe eventually the world can climb two foot out of this shit whole when they make it legal! Any DRUG, non-drug, "legal drug product" including a chemical (whether your body produces it or not) WILL NEVER BE OKAY FOR YOU! your body produces the amount it produces for a reason!!! That is what we function on, uniquely.


this may be the cause of the zombie apocalypse lol who is stupid enough to smoke bath salts its something u bathe in not get high off of and decided to lose ur mind and eat someones face. seriously. ppl need to think more before they do something so stupid cuz they have no idea what the out come and who it will affect.


I'm not saying that this guy wasn't on bath salts...he probobally was... and for the ones who have talked about the ill effects, being beaten by bath salt users or seeing people get crazy and whatnot...well, that sucks...but what I am saying is that those people were probobally not the most stable people to begin with..to say the least. The average user of any drug isn't going to try to eat you....period!


Blah blah blah, bath salts....DUDE ATE HIS FACE!


Everybody... I know quite a bit about research chemicals... "bath salts", yada yada.... as of the last 6 months I don't know of any research chemical going into bath salts that would cause this guy to act this way. He was most likely mixing drugs. Ethylphenidate is in a popular bath salt which can bring on hallucinations... but it'd have to be pretty potent and the bath salts are not... on the salts you'd have to be up for a week to get there. I personally prefer research chemicals to real drugs. I've had a few friends get a bad batch and lose their lives. With RCs and the right business i know what i'm getting. Don't hate on bath salts. Alcohol kills tons more.


Well the video sucked, i wathed 23 mins. Of seeing nothing. The government needs to just leagalize real drugs,then people would'nt do senthetic garbage. I have never heard of someone coked out wanting to eat any food more less a guys face.


Bath salts are terrible when used to much. My ex started using them cuz he was on probation and didnt want to get caught smoking meth. While he didn't try to eat my face he did loose his mind and did a lot of other scary stuff. He became paranoid and started hallucinating thought I was trying to set him up. The idiot tried to set me up and sell me into prostitution. He also did other things that caused him to get arrested in which he says he has no memory of. He is now waiting to go to trial and could be facing 4 years of prison plus a year of rehab. Bath salts need to be banned and anyone using or selling them should be treated as criminals because maybe not everyone has bad side effects but in the hands of addicts they can be very dangerous.

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