William Balfour Found Guilty in Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Case

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William Balfour - the former brother-in-law of Jennifer Hudson who was arrested for killing her mother, brother and nephew - has been found guilty on three counts of first-degree murder.

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Hudson (along with her fiancé and sister) was inside the courtroom when the verdict was read and sources tell E! News they sat silently throughout.

Balfour did not testify on his own behalf, although the Oscar winner did take the stand early on in the trial and broke down in tears at one point.

In addition to the murder charges, Balfour was found guilty of home invasion, residential burglary, aggravated kidnapping and possession of a stolen vehicle. He faces life in prison.

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Yasmin/Coffee/Angelia she brought grown man to tears I just sat there and wtechad I'm glad to see her getting back out and blessing others with her voice.


I know this will give little consolation to poor Jennifer Hudson, but maybe a little is better than none. She is incredibly strong.


the jury was hung on the verdict for quite a while. surprise surprise - a trail in chicago with so much evidence yet some STILL did not want to convict a black thug. thanksfully those idiots came to their senses!


at least it was blacks against this black thug, otherwise you know jesse and al would have made sure he walked.


Umhhhhh.....life #thatisall


People should really think about the consequences of killing a human being. Once you do that, there is nothing left to gain or enjoy on the earth.


such an evil!!!!


They should've fried his black ass...especially for taking the life a defenseless child!!! What a fucking coward!


guess da po brutha jus gonna hav 2 go 2 jail and hang wit da po po 4 da rest of his mutha fukin life, mutha fuka! next time, dont kill innocent people!

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