Will Smith Shoves Mouthy Reporter in Moscow

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He didn't drop any condoms on the red carpet, but Will Smith experienced his own unusual situation during a movie premiere press line this week.

The actor was in Moscow on behalf of Men in Black III when a reporter from the Ukraine embraced the star with a hug... and then tried to follow that up with a kiss on the lips.

"He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him," Smith is heard telling someone else soon afterward, though he responds very well from the saliva-based attack and is quickly seen below laughing about it.

It's hard to blame Smith for his initial, surprised reaction, though, isn't it? Watch it all unfold now:


I would have done the same thing if a woman tried to kiss me on my lip.


Will Smith Slaps Ukrainian Reporter, Who Tries to Kiss Will Smith, Full Slow-motion Video here http://is.gd/nLlx4r


Really? Don't care for will smith at all but his reaction was spot on and he may not have meant it but it was all instinct...any hetero male would have done the same


Id hope laws for assault in that country are similar to ours.......yeah, way outta line even if it is a different culture.


I've heard worse. It is very disrespectful to do that to someone. Doesn't matter who that person is. The reporter has no right to do that.


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