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Zac Efron reaches into his pocket at the Hollywood premiere of The Lorax, hands his assistant something and - oops! - a condom falls out of his pocket. Hilarious.

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At least he was not being a bitch about it, ya he may have laughed and been blushing. At least he is not stupid. You can tell he gets a lot of ass, but he is not a Man-whore. He has his choice and what he does is not anyone's problem. It's not like a get a big story about getting my period. The media treated this like a circus. Being shocked that he actually answered the questions about it. But hay, safe sex is better than no sex.


Was it a Magnum? or a Regular?


he should be more careful if he knows that there's a condom in his wallet..perhaps he didnt remember it..what a chicken mine..ahah jokezz..


even though he looks so innocent...
he handled the situation by giving a cute smile.
that's what an actor is. awesome.


So the hell what. The guy dropped a condom which means gasp he's having sex. Who cares? Why is this news? Why is it funny to anyone but 10 year olds?


im sexy and i know i love it! fuckig hot as fuck !


oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!


pucmkin idiot ever


At least he is being safe


Actually a wallet, which you sit on, is not a good place for a condom. Unless of course you don't mind the risk of a puncture, or wear spot causing breakage! It is a damn condom, people need to grow up.

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