Trayvon Martin Surveillance Video: 7-Eleven Cameras Show Teen Just Before Shooting

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Surveillance video of some of Florida teen Trayvon Martin's final moments before being fatally shot by George Zimmerman have just surfaced online.

In his infamous hoodie, Martin can be seen in a video released by 7-Eleven, where he purchased Skittles and an iced tea before walking home Feb. 26.

He was shot by Zimmerman after an altercation on his way back to the home of his father's fiancé, where he was staying, triggering a media firestorm.

The video below doesn't change anything about the controversial case, as the shooting - which Zimmerman claims was self-defense - is obviously not shown.

Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder but remains free on bail. Martin's family yesterday criticized a series of leaks in the case.

Without video of the altercation itself, it remains to be seen who instigated what, and if the charge against the assailant will stand up in court.

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