Trayvon Martin Autopsy Report Released; Family Slams "Strategic" Leaks in George Zimmerman Case

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The attorney for Trayvon Martin's family claims there have been strategic leaks of records in the case intended to benefit defendant George Zimmerman.

Attorney Benjamin Crump said on Wednesday he wants "full transparency" in the case, and called for all the police files on the subject to be released.

After several news outlets were given access to a sealed medical examiner's report on Martin and a police report on Zimmerman, Crump was incensed.

Trayvon Martin, Hoodie
George Zimmerman Mugshot

"It was leaked for a beneficial purpose, certainly to help George Zimmerman's claim of self-defense," he said. "This report needs to be vetted with a keen eye."

"Look at this in the full context. George Zimmerman made the decision to get out of his car, profile Trayvon Martin, pursue Trayvon Martin and confront him."

According to NBC News, the autopsy on the slain 17-year-old says that Martin was killed by a single "penetrating gunshot wound to the chest" Feb. 26.

Meanwhile, medical records leaked to ABC News showed Zimmerman likely suffered a broken nose, black eyes and was bleeding from the back of head.

His lawyer, Mark O'Mara, said he may seek a dismissal of the second-degree murder charge against his client under Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Zimmerman pleaded not guilty last week and is free on bond.

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Shane perry

What about Trayvon Martin?. Did'nt he have the rigth to defend himself under the Stand Your Ground Clause?.While a minor being stocked by an adult stranger,Wanna be cop who had him stereo-typed from the get go.Who also lived in the same housing complex. Why has Zimmermans witnesses all recanted now and stepped down.Perhaps because they dont want to get hung up in contempt of court and perjury as well, as Zimmermans wife has.

Shane perry

Truth,you are clearly a racist.One who believes they are better than others due to an insecurity they have but dont recognize about themselves.

Shane perry

Thank You Kelly. Yes,Zimmermans father was a Judge and that goes back to what I had said earier, that Zimmerman is a wanna be cop and his volunteering as a neighborhood watch person really went to his head,and his Dad being a former Judge he figured that he could literally get away with murder.His former co-worker also stated tha Zimmerman was a constant bully towards him at work and would always lie to the superviser knowing that he would be believed over the one he bullied.

Shane perry

Zimmerman states he had Martin on the ground and was on top of him, so how was Martin able to connect to he back of Zimmermans head to leave injuries. I think the police did it for him or he did it himself. Zimmerman was allowed to roam around the police station without handcuffs on and not even held or lead by police.See the video.

Shane perry

Stereo-typing. Who doesnt wear hoodies these days. Kids ,teenagers older folk, even the baggy style pants are in. Its people of all ages sexes and races. Why do we have to lable them as Thug Clothes to justify an unjustified killing of a BLACK TEENAGER WALKING TO HIS HOME IN A HOUSING COMPLEX WHERE ZIMMERMAN ALSO HAPPENED TO BE A RESIDENT. This throws up multiple red flags in my mind.Zimmerman must of been very alarmed at seeing Martins weapons of choice, An Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles to do a burglary with or some type of armed robbery.

Shane perry

Now Zimmerman is trying to defend himself saying he was on prescription drugs. I take zoloft everyday for depression but it would not be any type of defense for me if I were to kill someone,infact it would more likely land me in a mental hospital. Perhaps that what the defense is going to try and come up with. Also stated is that evidence shows that Martin had traces of Marijuana in his system. Marijuana is not a downer which may make you agressive or moody but, a mellower/relaxer and or an uplifter to make you silly.

Shane perry

Excuse my typos eveyone this gets my blood pumping. I hate racism and the comments which attempt to defend it. Geraldo Reveira dubbed Hoodies as "thug clothes" and says Trayvon should have taken his hood down and spoke to Zimmerman and he would not be dead today. I say to that ,Well,Maybe if Zimmerman had on a pair of NIKE air Jordans they would have became best friends. Not, irrelivant. Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder,inhanced by a hate crime and should get life without parole in prison.

Shane perry

Zimmerman was told not to persue Martin by the police yet Zimmerman did anyways,(stocking)/Harassing.Zimmerman lied about his fuds in his bank account. Zimmerman says he got out of the car to look at the name on a treet sign, (in the housing complex where he and Martin live). How would Zimmerman not know the name of the steets in his housing complex?. Am I really f---ing you racist peoples' heads up with these facts. I hope so. I love You and I pray for you. We are all made in god's image.We have different skin complexions due to the climates of the Countries where we happen to be born and or brought up.

Shane perry

Dear Truth (cont). Elvis Presleys songs were all bought from Black slaves who were not allowed to use the all white recording studios at the time. Would you like to hear more. Truth ,I believe you need to change your title because it is obvious that you only know what has been programed into your head, you are a follower not someone who seeks the truth for themselves.We are all programmed since birth how how to behave but as we become adults we must learn how to break away from the cult and learn the truth for what it is, and where it all comes from , The Government to keep control of the people with falsehoods and lies.

Shane perry

Zimmerman and Martin live in the same Housing Comlex. Zimmerman stated he had Martin on the ground and martins arms restrained yet says Martin was able to strike him in the face several times. At what point did Zimmerman release one of Martins arms/wrist to take his gun out of his holster and shoot Martin point blank and in clod blood.Zimmerman made the racial slur of "f---ing N-gg-rs" in his phone to police.Zimmerman is a wanna be cop and his volunteering as a crime watch person went straight to his head leading him to believe that he could "get away with Murder".